Reclaim Your Space with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaim Your Space with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaim Your Space with Reclaimed Wood

When purchasing a new home or updating an existing space, we believe it is in your best interest to pack and purchase minimally, and to recycle, reuse, and refurbish whenever possible. See why we love reclaimed wooden pieces.

Eco-aware, sustainable living is an essential in today’s home design scene. Part of this movement is the use of reclaimed wood in furnishings. For those of you who don’t know what reclaimed wood is, we’re here to lend some easy insight. Reclaimed wood is any wood that has previously served a purpose (whether as barn siding, basketball court flooring, you name it!), which is then restored, offering its own unique history and character. Although the concept of reclaimed wood is nothing new (it’s actually centuries old), today’s homebuyers have become drawn to the concept of purchasing recycled goods or refurbishing pieces themselves. Read on for a look at some of our most coveted wooden pieces and why you should hop on this design bandwagon.



The Joy of Craft

We not-so-secretly love a good fixer-upper project. Why not add some flare in your home by incorporating the beauty of the outdoors with a stunning piece of reclaimed wood? Not only is it a worthwhile, fun activity for roommates, partners, spouses or hey, by yourself, but it also serves an awareness purpose. Choosing to refurbish aged wood is a conscious effort toward preserving something that was once a valued piece of our earth and continues to maintain beauty and utility. What’s better than doing arts and crafts and saving money at the same time? Well, nothing really.



Infinite possibilities

Unlike many materials and items you’ll find in a home, reclaimed wood can be found in an array of styles, textures, treatments, and shapes. And it isn’t limited to only furniture… it can be used for accessories, hardware, lighting, flooring, and more! One of our favorite wood pieces that truly speaks for itself is the Fiore Coffee Table (below). Its perfectly rounded edges and jaw-dropping hues of orange, brown, and yellow will immediately add character to a home. Pieces such as this provide a space with natural (literally and figuratively) originality, zest, and attractiveness.


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Fiore Coffee Table

Dylan Design Co.

Stag Credenza

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Globe Pendant


There is something to be said for those who cognitively choose to reduce their carbon footprint by reusing and recycling reclaimed wood. So we applaud you. Thanks for keeping our planet a little (a wee bit) healthier. Keep it green!

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