Rebecca Taylor’s Inspiring Garment District Office

Rebecca Taylor’s Inspiring Garment District Office

Rebecca Taylor’s Inspiring Garment District Office


Rebecca Taylor, fashion designer


As a fashion designer, it is essential that Rebecca Taylor finds inspiration in her work setting. Homepolish's Tali Roth created a space that's as bright as her runway designs.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Watching the Spring/Summer fashions appear in the windows of New York shops, arriving upon the Rebecca Taylor showroom is always a moment of levity. Bright pastels and a saturated blues, flowing dresses with a multitude of light layers. It’s what some might call ephemeral. However, when it came to the New York offices of the designer, located in the iconic Garment District, it didn’t quite sync with the brand. Rebecca had found the light-filled 300 square-feet office in 2007, and it had many of the foundational essentials: large windows, a stunning toile-upholstered sofa, and an inspiration board. But after nine years, she decided that the space not only needed to properly reflect her brand… it also needed to inspire her daily.


Homepolish’s Tali Roth came strutting down the metaphorical runway into the office. Though Tali confesses it may have been less of an aloof strut than a fangirl run: “It was a dream come true to be given the opportunity to work with Rebecca Taylor and her wonderful team. As a lover of fashion, I have followed her brand for many years.” Working with Rebecca and Director of Brand Visual Erin Ryder, the team fashioned an office that would simultaneously capture the feminine brand and Rebecca’s own down-to-earth and creative personality.


Now, Rebecca has an obsession with texture, color, and pattern. Anyone can tell looking at her pieces, many of which have multiple textiles layered within. They began with the color scheme of nude pink, which would carry the space. From there, a lush Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper was chosen for accent walls, and a large BluDot table designated the workstation. Then came the most striking and unexpected design move: painting a geometric pattern right onto the floor.

From the carefully measured lines of the floor to the classical florals and toile, it all manages to come together with small details from Spring and Rebecca’s husband (and artist), Wayne Pate. Like her designs, there is an eye-catching moment of interest at each turn. And it’s undoubtedly Rebecca.

Check out the slideshow, and see the space on Architectural Digest!


You’re in your office more than even your home. When you’re an aesthetic person, it’s important to be inspired by your workspace.

- Rebecca Taylor, fashion designer
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