Quotidian’s Co-Working Space in NY’s Silicon Alley

Quotidian’s Co-Working Space in NY’s Silicon Alley

Quotidian’s Co-Working Space in NY’s Silicon Alley


Quotidian Ventures, co-working space


For a tech startup co-working space in the Flatiron, designer Shelly Lynch-Spark, Andrea Perez and Justin DiPiero created a dynamic environment. There's nothing quotidian about it... except the name.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Quotidian Ventures launched several years ago as a new type of angel investor in tech startups. The brainchild of Pedro Torres Picón, who has been proclaimed one of the biggest Latin American investors in the New York tech scene, qLabs provides a collaborative workspace in the heart of New York’s “Silicon Alley” for the companies under its umbrella. But after two years of making do with the bare essentials in the space (think stylish chairs and a mishmash of art), he decided it was time to make the 6th floor office truly their own.


Walking into a mostly raw and unfinished space, Homepolish designers Shelly Lynch-Sparks, Andrea Perez, and Justin DiPiero saw the potential. The space housed several different companies, and the tenants are often in flux as new investments are made or companies grow out of the space. The design duo knew it had to be extremely flexible but also personable and chic. And it also needed to showcase Quotidian’s unique link to the tech world.


With a dark and moody vibe, navies and shades of black dominate the space. Large seemingly worn leather sofas sit on antiqued rugs. Phone booths are covered in a wallpaper that is cleverly printed with a pattern that looks exactly like distressed tin… as if you’re stepping into a shady New York speakeasy. (Hey, startup work is all about taking risks.) And further feeding into that old school vibe, a giant mural of “the traitorous eight”, drawn only with chalk by a friend of Pedro, Casey John. Decidedly modern and in stark contrast to that “old New York” feel, they put together a feature wall with pieces of wearable tech. Old meets new, and it’s definitely beyond quotidian.


I worked on this co-working space for over a year, taking it from a raw and unfinished space to a built-out and completely transformed office.

- Shelly Lynch-Sparks, Homepolish designer
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