Place by Homepolish: How Emma Beryl Crafted Our Experience

Place by Homepolish: How Emma Beryl Crafted Our Experience

Place by Homepolish: How Emma Beryl Crafted Our Experience


Homepolish designer Emma Beryl transformed Saks Fifth Avenue into a perfect snapshot of the brand. Here's how she created our first-ever, immersive design experience.

Photos by Seth Caplan

From June 1 to June 6, we launched our first-ever, in-person, design experience at Saks Fifth Avenue. The space is meant to explore what it means to live a curated lifestyle—from interiors to mindfulness and everything in between. Who could take on such a lofty task? We tapped designer Emma Beryl to help it all come together.

The first step: figure out what Homepolish looks like.

You can point to hundreds of our Instagrams as an example (please like them while you’re looking)—but what happens when you need to distill the entire ethos to one immersive, in-store experience? And you only have eight weeks to do so. Also you’re getting married and heading out on an extended honeymoon during the process.

Easy, right?

“To design a space for a company that is known for designing beautiful spaces was intimidating,” Homepolish designer Emma Beryl admits. “There isn’t another physical Homepolish ‘space’ besides the office. My ultimate goal was to make the pop-up feel like we had invited you into our effortlessly cool home and that brand shone through in the design.”

Effortless cool is never effortless, but Emma made it look pretty close, balancing new and neo-classical and blending modern lines and edgy accents in unexpected and approachable ways—while tying up the project before she tied the knot. The result feels fresh with a hint of tradition and an air of comfort—it’s an inviting space you’ll almost forget is in one of the shopping epicenters of the city.

To Emma, this design (and design now) is about thoughtfully approaching each piece’s purpose.

“Everything is pared down and multi-functional,” she explains. “No one has space for unused furniture. Every space should be usable and really comfortable.”

To ensure people knew just how usable everything was, a mix of earth and jewel tones, combined with touchable materials (velvet, linen, leather, and and grasscloth) beg you to unwind

“We used a lot of different textures,” Emma explains. “We paired new elements like sleeker furniture shapes with more formal touches like molding on the walls and the fireplace.”

That cozy fireplace moment is Emma’s favorite part of the entire Saks experience.

“I wanted it to feel like you were walking into a home and, to me, that fireplace area achieves it best.“

So go ahead and stay awhile—that’s what it’s designed for.

Check out the gallery for more pics and shopping details and stop by the space until June 6

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