Pillow Play

Pillow Play

Pillow Play

Time to mix things up in the new year. Swap out your old pillows for new, seasonal-specific ones. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to revamp the look of your home, with minimal effort.

Let’s be real. Pillows are meant to be held, spooned, and swooned over. They are an essential home design element that undoubtedly bring character and comfort to any interior space. There is unlimited freedom of expression when it comes to pillows. You can mix and match, go neutral, or throw them on nearly any piece of furniture you feel fit. Read on for even more reasons why you should change-up your pillows this year.

Filling Spaces

Black Raga Pillow

Filling Spaces

White Raga Pillow

One Fine Nest

White Mud Cloth Pillow

Budget Friendly

Whether you score big on a bundle of pillows for sale or spend a bit more dough on top quality fabrics, all pillows will add a touch of softness to your space. They are an important design element that is gentle on your funds and without question, adds a unique flare to your furnishings. And with the right kind of care (aka keep the red wine away in case of spills), they will last you a while. The mud cloth varieties above are especially timeless with their tribal patterns.

Filling Spaces

Clara Pillow

Ara Collective

Emerald Nahuala Pillow

Archive New York

Indigo Corte Pillow

Seasonal Shape Shifters

One great quality we’ve come to learn over time is that pillows can be easily given away, tossed, or put into storage. As we transition through the latest trends and the seasons that come along with them, this often brings a curiosity and difference in mood and aesthetic. Buying and swapping dated pillows for new ones (or in a variety of colorways, as seen above) will without a doubt change the look and feel of a room. It’s your way of getting your home design fix, with little effort. Your friends will be amazed at your aesthetic acumen, and you can sit pretty, knowing that you had to do next to nothing.

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