Peak Personality In Park Slope

Peak Personality In Park Slope

Peak Personality In Park Slope


Sophisticated design and touches of bold personality mingle in a family-friendly Park Slope apartment, designed by Liz Lipkin.

Photos by Christian Torres

When Liz Lipkin’s clients made the move from London to Brooklyn, they left the majority of their furnishings behind, but made sure to save a bit of England’s signature pizazz for their new abode.

“Above all, my client wanted to create a fabulous space,” Liz shares. “I felt like I could be a little more experimental with this project and have fun with the decor.”

The designer’s goal? To transform a four-bedroom home into a personality-filled pad, where sophistication and dynamic design feel equally at home. She started by sourcing elevated-looking pieces that manage to feel unique. In the dining room, for instance, Liz and her client were set on finding a large-scale piece of art that adds a flash of color to the otherwise neutral space.

“I stumbled across a set of oversized vintage plastic letters and immediately thought of my client since she loves the color red,” Liz explains. “It was serendipitous that I was able to repurpose ‘Sollinger Hardware’ to read ‘Oh Darlings’—the client’s pet name for her two daughters.”

Throughout the common spaces, Liz sought to strike the delicate balance between kid friendly and aesthetically pleasing. She transformed the kitchen into a colorful extension of the adjacent rooms, injecting personality through bold red pendant lights. She also used open shelving as an opportunity to display a mix of cookbooks, everyday dinnerware, vintage pieces, and artwork.

In the living room, Liz selected sophisticated pieces—like a sofa spacious enough to seat their entire family (plus their dog)—and mixed in fun, vibrant pieces that leave a personal imprint. She also incorporated versatile furniture—like an ottoman that the family can use to rest their feet, set a drink on, or use as additional seating while entertaining.

“The family loves to host friends and relatives, so I wanted the open plan living room, kitchen, and dining room to feel warm and welcoming,” Liz says. “It was also important that these spaces reflected the clients’ dynamic personalities.”

One of Liz’s favorite personality-driven rooms is the bathroom. To keep the space from feeling too subdued, she opted for yellow floral wallpaper, along with wood accessories that contrast with the cool grey marble.

And to offset the more vibrant, warm colors in the common spaces, Liz chose a tonal palette in the master bedroom, selecting cool blues that create a serene retreat for her hard-working clients. In the girls’ rooms, she also made color the focus, giving each space a distinctive design moment.

“I started by building mood boards and color palettes for each girl’s space and then I sourced the wallpapers that would set the tone in each room,” Liz says.

In one of the rooms, she chose a black and white, daydream-inspired wallpaper along with a punchy polka dot bedspread and splashes of yellow accessories. In the other bedroom, the aesthetic reads more glam, with golden accents throughout and a petal-pink bedspread.

And in a long hall just beyond the bedrooms, Liz created a gallery wall featuring an array of family photos—the ultimate personal touch any family’s home.

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