Our Midcentury Modern Desk Picks

Our Midcentury Modern Desk Picks

Our Midcentury Modern Desk Picks


Check out nine of our favorite midcentury modern desks that will allow you to tap into your inner Eames-era architect, designer, creator, maker, mover-shaker. Each one is sure to boost your productivity.

It’s funny but the right desk can get you in the mood to get down to business. Whether you enjoy a broad workspace so you can spread out all your resources and references or you prefer a small surface to squeeze into your tiny apartment, the piece of furniture is a moment to be inspired, both aesthetically and functionally. And there’s no better way to say “let’s get werking” than the sleek and ever-beautiful designs of the midcentury modern era.

West Elm

Penelope Mini Desk

Jonathan Adler

Antibes Desk

Industry West

Origami Desk

Faux Flea Market Finds

When it comes to midcentury pieces, a big draw is their distinct look that makes them look like a limited-run specialty. It’s almost as if you’ve stumbled upon a veritable diamond-in-the-rough at a local antique shop.
The Penelope Desk is your perfect faux market find with its rounded siding, marble top, and small foot print. (You don’t have to tell anyone that it’s secretly a West Elm find.) Then there’s the Antibes desk. With its nail head drawer fronts and asymmetrical organic shape, it appears to come straight off the auction floor. Last, but surely not the least, the Origami desk is actually made by hand, with each piece numbered and signed-off. It’s to die for (but actually, don’t die, because then you won’t be able to get your work done).

West Elm

Midcentury Mini Secretary

Room & Board

Grove Office Armoire

Danish Design Store

AK1320 Desk

Secretary Please!

The “secretary desk” (or escritoire, if you’re fancy like that) came well before the 1950s, but the distinct riff on the desk that came out of midcentury modern industrial designers has always been timeless.
Now, just because it’s called “secretary,” doesn’t mean that has to be your job title. Heck, you can be the big CEO and still use this style. The Grove office armoire has been a long time favorite of ours, because it easily hides away mess and work when guests come over. For something more discreet (and apropos for an apartment space), check out the Mini Secretary Desk. And lastly, though many would argue you don’t need filing cubbies for letters and mail anymore in the digital age, we love the organization of the AK1320 Desk. Hey, those cubbies could be perfect for a stow-away cellphone charging station.


Helix Acacia Desk

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Solita Midcentury Storage Desk

Lulu & Georgia

Garin Desk

Next Gen Midcentury Designs

It often comes into question whether midcentury will ever fade. Well, we can assure you that it’s not happening soon. New furniture designs are constantly referencing that pivotal era and taking contemporary spins on the signature pieces. For example, the Helix Acacia desk follows a similar design to the Royal wall created by Poul Cadovius in 1948. It attaches to the wall and works with the vertical space in any room to bring the eye up. The Solita Midcentury Storage desk brings a modern update with pops of color and dip-dyed legs. Finally, the Garin desk takes the lines of a standard midcentury desk and upgrades the look with trendy materials, such as those steel legs.


If there is one investment piece you need in your office space, it’s obviously the centerpiece, your desk. Up the design game and bring in a midcentury piece that will reference midcentury history. Plus, it’ll make you look good when you’re busy getting things done.

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