Our Designer’s Williamsburg Apartment

Our Designer’s Williamsburg Apartment

Our Designer’s Williamsburg Apartment


Tina Apostolou, Homepolish designer

For Homepolish's Tina Apostolou and her design-savvy fiancé Jared, a 1-bedroom in Williamsburg is just the place to make their first home together.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Apartment hunting in NYC is no joke! From endless shoe-box apartments to one apartment that came with its very own grand piano, my fiancé Jared and I had seen it all. We trekked from neighborhood to neighborhood and scoured the city for that place that would be perfect for our very first joint space. And let me tell you, if anything can test a relationship, it’s apartment hunting. And Ikea. When we finally found this space, we were instantly sold on the high ceilings and natural light (there are not one, but two skylights!!!). We signed a lease the next day and immediately got to work on our first home together.


Thankfully, Jared is super design savvy himself and has a similar aesthetic to me. He was on board with most of my crazy ideas. He didn’t even flinch when I thought up a 6-foot-round, custom mirror for the dining room. (That is officially why I’m marrying him… the mirror.)


Overall, we wanted a space that was bright, happy, and laid-back. Similar to us. We started by painting the walls white and adding tons of plants. Our first plant purchase was a fiddle leaf fig that we affectionally dubbed Figgy Cent (it was between that and The Notorious F I G). We slowly layered in the rest of the furniture and accessories until it became a place that perfectly captures us as a couple. We won’t be leaving any time soon.

See more in the gallery! And see more of my work here.

  • Amy Heltzer

    I love the media console (the low white and wood cabinets). Any clue where that came from? Thanks!

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi Amy, that was actually an Ikea hack by Tina. She took several parts from the Ikea Besta units, and put them together in a custom arrangement to make that unique console. Hope that helps!

  • disqus_gN1S3a7EiY

    I really like the ocean print above the sofa. Source?

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      That’s One King’s Lane!

  • Robin Peagler

    The wallpaper in the bathroom is everything.

  • JK

    where is the bedside table with drawers from? thanks!

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi there–those are West Elm pieces. Hope this helps!

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hey Jennifer–both sets of nightstands are West Elm! Hope that helps!

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Carolyn, the floor lamp is vintage, but the sofa is Jonathan Adler and the hardware is Lewis Dolin.

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Chelsea,
    That’s just a plain ol’ Ikea mirror, painted black. Hope that helps!