Our Designer’s Warm, Artsy Abode

Our Designer’s Warm, Artsy Abode

Our Designer’s Warm, Artsy Abode


Jenny Kaplan


Homepolish designer Jenny Kaplan opens up about the ways that she and her husband creatively infused their individual design aesthetics into the unique, artistic style that characterizes their two-bedroom apartment.

Photos by Claire Esparros

When I moved into my current home, close to five years ago, little did I know that what I considered simply a passion project would turn out to be my new career path: interior design. My husband Chris has lived in our two bedroom apartment for almost 10 years, and when I moved in with him, we had to find a way to merge our individual collections of home furnishings. A few years later, our styles have come together to create an aesthetic that is uniquely ours, and paved the way for a whole redesign.

Our home has always been a sort of “test kitchen” for us–Chris and I are both very hands-on. As a result of many custom designed, DIY home projects, our new product line Pieces was born. The overall vibe of Pieces really inspired the updated look of our home. When considering the new look of our apartment, it was important to me to push the boundaries and think outside the box while still giving a warm and lived-in feel, and the same goes for the entire Pieces collection.

Two other elements that give our space its special feel are our plants and art–both key in our home life. I love to incorporate elements from the outdoors inside a space, and the bountiful plant and flora life in our home has become part of our signature look. Also, our choice of artwork has really served a purpose to ground our space. For example, the peachy abstract print in our guest bedroom by my dear friend Jesse Chun inspired the new design of the room. The same goes for the photo above our sofa in the living room by Karl Hab – I decorated the space around this piece. Karl and I became friends via Instagram years ago, when the app first started. I was always a fan of his photography aesthetic, so I jumped at the chance to use his art in my space.

Designing a home with my husband Chris is one of the most rewarding aspects of our relationship. It’s a part of our life process, constantly evolving, exploring, testing new ideas, and relishing the results. There’s never really a finished product, but that’s the beauty of it. We play around with our space, enjoy the fruits of our creative collaboration, and then jump to the next project. By the time we’ve worked our way around the entire space room by room, we’re ready to start it all over again.

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