Our Designer’s Vintage Home in Chicago

Our Designer’s Vintage Home in Chicago

Our Designer’s Vintage Home in Chicago


Claire Staszak, Homepolish designer


When Homepolish designer Claire Staszak and her husband Luke bought their first home, they were looking to create an eclectic bungalow. Tour with her as she shows us the house.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

When my husband Luke and I were looking to purchase our first home last spring, we had one item at the top of our wish list: a vintage-character-filled home. We know that’s not a specific interior design style, but do you know what I mean? A home that feels as if it has some history, as if it’s been lived in. And that’s exactly what we got—but with a kitchen so bad it was worthy of total gut remodel.


We had eight weeks to complete the kitchen renovation before Luke headed back to teaching in the fall. With a lot of elbow grease, some DIY skills, and my design knowledge, we achieved a total transformation in the kitchen and updated the entire first floor. We still have work to do on floor number two, but then again, no home is ever truly finished, right?


First, it was important for us to lighten up the house. With a north facing lot and lots of original oak trim and baseboards, the house felt dark. We agreed to paint all the trim in the house white to modernize the space. To maintain the character and charm that comes with a 1930s Tudor bungalow, we left the hardwood doors and original stained-glass windows in tact.


It felt like the house was dying to be updated with a bit of Hollywood Regency and Art Deco glamour, but I’m typically more bohemian and relaxed. I did my best to mix more elegant elements like velvet upholstery and Asian influences with my penchant for eclectic textiles, global pattern, and color.

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