Our Designer’s Tiny (but Mighty) NYC Apartment

Our Designer’s Tiny (but Mighty) NYC Apartment

Our Designer’s Tiny (but Mighty) NYC Apartment


Designer Megan Hopp is an unmistakeable presence in Homepolish HQ, with her peppy personality and bright purple hair. Tour with her through her West Village 1-bedroom, full of treasures, charm, and storage solutions.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

The mid-June usually means one thing to kids across American suburbia… summer vacation! (Cue the classic “School’s Out for Summer.”) No homework, ice cream on the daily, and getting to sleep in. I, however, saw the calendar change to mean something a little different and whole lot more exciting… GARAGE SALE SEASON! For as long as I can remember, summers were filled with 6 AM Saturday morning wake ups from my mother, a pocket full of 1 dollar bills, and a car-load of treasures.


Jump to New York City circa now and not much has changed. Today, my tiny West Village apartment is filled up and down and every which way with my favorite finds, some old, some new, and some I’m not so sure about! As a gal with an urge to DIY, I was less concerned with what the inside of my apartment looked like than hunting for the perfect location. And, of course, I entirely honed in on how many trees I could see from bedroom window. I landed a SMALL (my bathroom sink was most certainly stolen from an American Airlines plane) but perfectly suited spot, where I could dream out the window and hang shelves like a mad woman to create the max storage capacity. I didn’t feel particularly beholden to any rules when creating the space. I see every square-inch as fair game, which is why I have photographs hanging three inches from the floor. I’ve always had a bold sense of entitlement when it comes to design. My home may be tiny, but the décor is mighty!

See more of my vintage finds and storage solutions in the slideshow. And check out more of my work here!

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