Our Designer’s Serene Home in Venice

Our Designer’s Serene Home in Venice

Our Designer’s Serene Home in Venice


Marlen Lugo, Homepolish designer


A Venice resident for 13 years, Homepolish designer Marlen Lugo crafted a 2,4000 square-foot home that is a reflection of her life story and passions. Tour the space with her.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

I first became interested in design by studying visual arts, which incorporate color, textures, and form. I came to love the idea of building a story that is reflective of an artist’s perspective, experience, and worldview. Design is very much the same. When approaching a design project, the home becomes the canvas for the story. It reflects the lifestyle and adventures of someone’s life. It provides a sanctuary to recharge, reflect, and get inspired about the future.


My home is this type of space, one where the many stories of my life come together. I have lived in Venice, California, for 13 years, and this home for a little over a year. One of the things I tell my clients is that the eye has to travel. Color contrasts, textures, a variety of materials, and different heights are all essential to achieving this. Next is comfort and flow. A room should envelop the viewer and invite them to come in and stay there for some time.


This home happens to be the largest place I’ve ever lived. (I guess you could say I had a large canvas.) In each of my homes, I’ve always aspired to minimalism but with character. The 2,400 square-feet allows me to create a sense of openness that allows for serenity. My designs tend to lean a bit more masculine in the shared, communal areas and more feminine in the private bedrooms. This gives a balanced feeling throughout the house.


And, of course, art is essential. My earlier arts background brings the extra narrative that defines the home and its sense of history. The art in my house is an eclectic collection of objects from travels, art from artists we collect, art from friends, and some of my own pieces. I guess it all comes together as what I call “funky-elegant.”

Tour more of my home with me in the gallery. And see more of my work here!

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