Our Designer’s Revamped Chicago Condo

Our Designer’s Revamped Chicago Condo

Our Designer’s Revamped Chicago Condo


Devon Fromm


Transplants from Boston to Chicago, Homepolish designer Devon Fromm and her boyfriend Mike finally had a space of their own to design and make into a home.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

Some little girls dream their whole lives about their wedding day, but for Devon Fromm, Chicago-based Homepolish designer, she’s been dreaming about designing her own home for her entire life. Recently moving from Boston with her boyfriend Mike, the two landed a 2-bedroom condo in a high-rise right in the heart of the South Loop neighborhood. Originally planning to slowly redesign the space over time, they suddenly found out that they had to replace the original walnut floors. Unexpectedly, they were thrown into a full-on project.


Opting for a lighter Scandi look for the floors (as opposed to the old walnut) made the dark cabinetry in the kitchen look out of place, so Devon decided to take on giving them a new coat of white… herself. As she says, “This was my first time painting kitchen cabinets, and it will definitely be the last. They turned out great, but took two weeks of playing minefield in the condo and 4 coats of paint, front and back… There isn’t enough wine in the world for that task!” On the plus side, they contrast beautifully with the black granite countertops.


Devon had also been looking forward to an apartment of her own for years, simply so she could switch out the light fixtures. The bedroom sports a gorgeous sputnik chandelier, and the dining area got oversized globe pendants. And speaking of that area, the previous owner didn’t even have a dining area in the apartment. The couple decided that they loved entertaining too much to do without, so they squeezed in a rustic reclaimed wood table, set against a dramatic charcoal wall. After all, with such a beautiful space, how could they resist showing it off?

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