Our Designer’s Relaxed LA Home & Workshop

Our Designer’s Relaxed LA Home & Workshop

Our Designer’s Relaxed LA Home & Workshop


Leah Ring, Homepolish designer


In East Los Angeles, Homepolish designer Leah Ring shows us around her apartment-meets-workshop. It's everything we want in life: crafty, sunny, and absolutely inspiring.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

For all of my twenties, I had a habit of uprooting my life and moving to a different city every year. However, when I landed in LA this time around, the city quickly began to feel like home. I loved my apartment in Culver City, but I found myself drawn to the east side of LA, where I ended up spending most of my free time (my favorite music venues are over here… my home away from home). Because I was fortunate enough to have a creative space in my Culver City apartment, that was a priority for me when apartment hunting.


When I found my new place in the charming neighborhood of Atwater Village, I was actually daunted by how much room there was, given how minimally I had furnished my last place. It’s a 2-bedroom apartment with a garage (ahem, future workshop?!), and the living room is a giant rectangle that is more than double the size of my previous living room. I utilized existing pieces and layered in new pieces, and got really creative with sourcing so I didn’t break the bank. I spent quite a few Saturdays working on DIY projects, too, such as my dip-dyed curtains. Luckily, I love “crafternoons,” so that wasn’t a chore in the slightest. But more on my “crafternoons” later, wink wink!


After having an all-white apartment before, I wanted to inject some color into this space but still maintain a relaxing vibe. I sourced or made pieces that bring me joy. It was fun to design, and I think that in the end, the space reflects that perfectly. See for yourself in the slideshow!


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