Our Designer’s Picturesque Nursery

Our Designer’s Picturesque Nursery

Our Designer’s Picturesque Nursery


Haley Weidenbaum, Homepolish designer


A home is an ever-evolving project. Case in point: Homepolish LA designer Haley Weidenbaum's house, where she just transformed a room into a brand-new nursery for her newborn.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Designing a nursery can be especially difficult because you’re furnishing a space for a little client who isn’t even here yet. My husband and I designed our Los Angeles home last year before our baby boy (appropriately nicknamed “Babybaum”) was on his way, but we kept one room a blank canvas in the hopes of one day making it a nursery. When it came time, we imagined a room that our little boy could grow up in. We wanted the space to feel unique, unlike any other nursery.


The design process did not really begin until we learned the gender. We were thrilled to learn we were having a boy… and one of my first thoughts was okay NOW we can get going on the nursery design! After much discussion with my husband, we decided that we wanted our son’s nursery to be evocative of a Wes Anderson film, like Moonrise Kingdom. Once I knew the style we were trying to evoke, it was time to lay the foundation with wallpaper. I grew up with playful animal wallpaper in my bedroom and have so many fond memories of my imagination running wild with fun-filled adventures. I wanted to recreate that feeling for Babybaum. After 20-30 samples taped to the walls of the empty room, we chose a Hygge & West wallpaper with a modern toile pattern of various cityscapes from around the world.


From there, we utilized a lot of different organic materials from a rattan mirror, to a walnut crib, to a seagrass ottoman and even a tree stump table. This was an important element to tie the nursery into the design of the rest of the home. The organic materials also instantly created warmth. Over nine months, we thoughtfully curated a colorful assortment of accessories and finishes. Many of the items were sourced on our “Babymoon” in Ojai, which is also where we were married. Since our story began in Ojai and this baby is the next chapter, it only seemed fitting to us to thread elements of the town into his life.

All in all, we designed the room around one basic principle: “Will each item instill in our son a sense of wonderment, adventure, curiosity about the world, and a desire to learn?” If the answer was yes, we found a home for it in his nursery. See more in the slideshow!

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