Our Designer’s Luminous DC Home

Our Designer’s Luminous DC Home

Our Designer’s Luminous DC Home


Shawna Underwood, Homepolish designer


A stark grayscale home is softened by cozy textures and effervescent luminance to make a family completely comfortable in DC.

Photographs by Ed Underwood.

We really love seeing the inside of our designers’ homes. It’s where they can unleash all of their creative potential and it’s exciting to juxtapose how they design their own homes versus those of their clients. This week, we’re exploring Shawna’s home, one of our DC designers. When she and her photographer husband found out that baby #2 was on the way (a year and half ago), they converted their office space into a nursery. Of course, because she’s one of our talented designers, Shawna did not go the route of generic baby room accoutrement and instead focused on making the place as full-family-friendly as possible. Just like the rest of her home! Though her designs look like they’d be too sophisticated (read: easy to dirty) for two young children, her use of durable fabrics and finishes make clean-up easy. The couple’s 8-year-old loves spending time in the nursery as much as anywhere else in the house. Soft textures and a similar color palette in every room elegantly ties the home together.

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