Surviving a Home Renovation: Our Designers’ Tips

Surviving a Home Renovation: Our Designers’ Tips

Surviving a Home Renovation: Our Designers’ Tips

Thinking of a home renovation? Whether it's a home addition, remodel or restoration, our designers have the renovation know-how to help you have a stress-free process.

There’s a reason those home renovation shows on HGTV are so popular—the stress of finding contractors and solving the minutia of construction is fun to watch when it isn’t your home. If you feel yourself getting stressed about your upcoming (or ongoing) home renovation, fear not; Homepolish is here to help.

Not only can we make the entire process a breeze (ahem, sign up here), we also asked our designers for their best tips and tricks to making the process as easy as dreaming of a new house.

Before: Make a Game Plan

Carisse Lynelle: Working with a reputable contractor and designer is critical to executing your design vision. You have to have a trusted team—you’ll be married to your renovation crew for weeks on end so make sure the relationship is a stellar one.

Beth Partyka & Meg Sullivan of Charlotte William Interiors: Plan, plan, and plan! Have all the floor plans, finished details, everything picked out, ordered, and on-site when the renovation is set to begin. This is a huge piece of making sure that unnecessary delays are avoided. Secondly, hire a general contractor that is trusted by the designer you are working with or someone you know has worked with them.

Kaitlin Thomas: At the beginning of the project, get a clear overview and schedule from the general contractor so you can see a big picture plan of what will happen from week-to-week. Also, know ahead of time that projects generally take longer than anticipated due to circumstances that are hard to predict, so prepare for that reality from the very start. If you’re moving everything out, take the time to do a big cleanse. Look at everything you have and determine what stays and what goes. This is a great excuse to get rid of anything that’s just taking up space or no longer necessary.

Tiffany Radnia: Having materials bought and sourced prior is a huge help. When the vendor is ready for install, you have the items ready to go at hand to give.

Katherine Carter: Begin packing the items you use the most, and label your containers. Even if you think you will remember, do it anyway—trust me.

Jordan Shields: I would suggest scheduling the majority of the major demolition and construction work during a time that you don’t need to be in the home and can get away. Take some time to visit with family, or even take a vacation. Summer is sometimes ideal.

Delia Kenza: Get organized. Keep a spreadsheet of items you need to purchase and have a box next to it so you can check off when it has been purchased—hire a designer to do that (Editor’s Note: ahem, that’s what we’re here for). Keep an inspiring picture or create your own mood board to help you remember the end goal or feeling your space will have. I always visualize my girls running and playing in the new space and it keeps me focused.

During: Stay on Schedule

Kaitlin: Schedule regular, weekly meetings with your general contractor and designer to walk-through the project’s progress, review the schedule (and adjust if needed), and address anything that may have happened that week. More importantly, do a lot of what makes you happy or feel at peace during this time. Whether that’s spending time with friends, doing yoga, meditating, getting a massage, etc. You’ll need to have something you can rely on to decompress during this time!

Tiffany: I find that a routine clean-up of garbage every day or every couple days helps with the possibility of a built up mess. Usually, cleaning up unnecessary materials and garbage throughout the process helps with a more organized and ideal renovation process.

Jordan: I would suggest making a space that contractors and your designer can use as a storage area, like a garage. This just allows most of the mess and materials to be contained in one main area and if it is a garage you can shut the doors and not have to think about it or see it.

Carisse: When a renovation is going on while you live in your home, it’s great to make sure you set up guidelines to ensure a tidy work zone—a cluttered home can truly mess with your sanity.

Beth and Meg: We highly recommend for any major renovations to not live in your home during the time the work is being done. This one is really for the homeowner’s own sanity.

Carisse: If possible, go on vacation while the work is being done and have have your contractor and designer oversee the details. You’ll come home to a turnkey renovation!

After: Clean Sweep

Beth and Meg: Hire a cleaning crew to do a very thorough cleaning. Any work involving sanding floors, drywall, etc., is extremely dusty and dirty and it really seems to travel into every nook and cranny at a job site.

Kaitlin: When moving back into the space, budget to hire a cleaning crew (that specializes in after construction clean-up) and a professional organizer to help put everything back in a way that makes the most sense for your new space.

Delia: Expect dust—it will be everywhere, so move out before the dust starts to fly and don’t return until it settles. Visiting your home and living in it during construction will lead to two different experiences.  The latter will not be a pretty experience (unless you can handle that).

Words of Wisdom

Kaitlin: Know that no matter how much you plan and prepare, setbacks and obstacles are going to pop up along the way.  Try not to stress about them, and instead, focus on coming up with a solution.

Katherine Carter: Keep calm and remember to breathe—everything will be ok. Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated (seriously!).

Delia: that there will be hiccups—nothing worth the bother comes without some issues, renovations are one of those things. Having a person you can trust to discuss ideas with is like having your own personal cheerleader. A designer can help with that.

Tiffany Radnia: Ultimately, your renovation depends on the people who are executing the work given to them. Time management & dependability are crucial factors when improving your home.