Our Designer’s Eclectic Cottage in Atlanta

Our Designer’s Eclectic Cottage in Atlanta

Our Designer’s Eclectic Cottage in Atlanta


Diane Hewitt, Homepolish designer, her husband Jeff, their cat Gomez, and their dog Remy


Like many Homepolish designers, Diane Hewitt treats her home like a testing ground for new ideas. The mash-up of design aesthetic in her 1907 home is what she calls "Mid-Frenchury Mod."

Photos by Morgan Elizabeth Blake.

Whether it’s San Francisco, DC, or Austin, our designers always have a knack for showing off in their own homes. Designers’ homes are active think tanks with custom-built pieces and projects in progress, and down in Atlanta, Diane Hewitt‘s 2,200 square-foot “cottage bungalow” is no exception. Trying to describe her own aesthetic, she vacillates between different styles: “My antiquarian self leans towards curiosities, French, and vintage, but the modernist in me loves the classics as well as edgy design that exemplifies innovation and alternative materials. Ultimately, practicality and minimalism prevail.” Instead of choosing, she just decided to make her own word: “mid-frenchury mod,” with pops of color and culture.


In the 1907 noticeably Southern-style home (think wrap-around porch), she created a space that is welcoming for both her style and her husband’s. (She’s a Miami native, while Jeff is from the Midwest.) Oh, and it’s pretty life-proof. With two pets (Gomez and Remy), Warhol allusions, and some occasional dancing on the coffee table, “eclectic” describes much more than just their style.



It’s such a challenge to practice restraint when there is so much design that I appreciate and want in my life! I have to remember to stop at just the right amount of furnishings and detailing to complete a room while leaving enough negative space for the architecture to stand proud.

- Diane H., Homepolish designer
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