Our Designer’s Eclectic and Colorful Manhattan Apartment

Our Designer’s Eclectic and Colorful Manhattan Apartment

Our Designer’s Eclectic and Colorful Manhattan Apartment


Ashley Manfred, Homepolish designer


For a designer, there's nothing better than a blank canvas (aka a new apartment). Walk through the Manhattan home of Ashley Manfred as she tells us how she filled hers.

Photos by Brittany Ambridge.

As a designer, there’s nothing better than a new apartment. It’s a blank canvas full of possibility. If I could have made it livable, I would have left my apartment empty for a year, taking the time to play with new ideas and imagine the possibilities. This is probably why I love new client meetings so much… anything is possible! Well, actually, anything is possible until your husbands announces that he would like the apartment decorated… like… right now. (You could guess that was the case for me!)


As much as I’m a designer for other people, I’m more of a collector in my own home. We didn’t have much furniture when we moved, which can be a blessing and a curse. Again, the possibilities are endless, but the budget isn’t (if only!). I didn’t set out with a “scheme” for this apartment; rather, I knew what pieces I wanted to keep (mostly art) and what things I wanted to purchase along the way (bar cart, side tables, headboard). I bought the things that we needed right away, such as the sofa and (much to my dismay) a larger-than-life TV. However, once I had distracted my husband with a large screen, I was able to collect everything else at my own pace.


I’m a big believer in buying the absolute best quality you can afford, but that doesn’t always mean paying full freight. New York is full of incredible secondhand stores, vintage shops, and sample sales. We ended up purchasing a lot of our favorite pieces this way. Check out the slideshow for more details!

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