Our Designer’s Bright and Airy SF Loft

Our Designer’s Bright and Airy SF Loft

Our Designer’s Bright and Airy SF Loft


Our designer, Savannah Grace Metcalf, and her husband and graphic designer, Sean

Savannah has designed countless homes in the Bay Area, but she had yet to ever make a place of her own. With two creatives under one roof, a gorgeous haven emerged.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

When we started talking to our Oakland-based designer Savannah Grace Metcalf about her own loft that she recently redesigned, she immediately started in a blunt manner, “Designing a space for my new husband and me was one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever worked on!” Having recently married Sean, also a creative but in a different respect as a graphic designer, the two were overwhelmed with possibilities and ideas. They had to simultaneously take on the difficult task of playing their own editors but also figuring out how to merge their two design aesthetics. 

The loft is an expansive 1,200 square-feet, completely open with the bedroom lifted over the kitchen. A giant floor-to-ceiling window framed in blackened steel allows the California sun to flood into the space and affords Sav and Sean a view to the street below. With nosy onlookers peeking through the windows, they needed to make a rightfully enviable space. And beyond the necessity of making it feel like “home,” the loft had to double as a workspace since the two primarily conduct business from the comfort of their house. But it’s hardly all business. Obvious signs of the two are littered around the house. The hurricane vases full of vintage matchbooks? Notably Savannah. And the golf clubs propped up in a corner? Well, Sean likes to take a swing sometimes in the middle of the living room. Just watch out for the vintage Bertoia chairs.


As a designer, I am my own worst critic and it made decision-making a little difficult at times. My husband is seriously so laid-back, but he also has very strong opinions about design. We really learned a lot about each other during the process, and we managed to beautifully merge our styles and the things we love.

- Savannah Grace Roberts, Homepolish designer

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