Our Designers’ 2017 Trend Report

Our Designers’ 2017 Trend Report

Our Designers’ 2017 Trend Report

At Homepolish, we're lucky to be connected to our national network of 550+ designers, so when it comes to predicting trends for the coming year, we turned to the best.

It’s that time of year again… we know it oh so well in the design community. It’s TREND TIME. As 2016 wraps up, everyone is looking to the new year and trying to predict just what’s gonna be the hot ticket furnishing, color, finish, you name it. Since we at Homepolish HQ have the luxury of a 550+ designer network, we turned right to that base to find out what’s going to be BIG in 2017.



2016 Trends that will carry over

Before diving into the new year head first, we asked our designers which trends from the current year are going to hold over. (After all, a new year doesn’t mean that you rip out all your old interiors.) For example, since Homepolish started (about 4.5 years ago), white, minimal interiors have been big. Wall galleries have been a signature of ours. And will midcentury modern EVER go out of style?

First off, our designers agreed. The white, minimal look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As our designer Rosanna Bassford said, “It makes a room feel clean, modern, and bright, and people gravitate towards that.” This look is so universal, because it provides a veritable blank canvas for people to layer in personal items and accessories. However, when it came to those very accessories, they were anything BUT minimal. In the world of textiles, lush velvets and rustic mud cloths (such as the ones on our marketplace) aren’t going anywhere. As designer Shannon Tate astutely notes, “These are ancient shapes that will be forever classic.” They’ve stood the test of time, so the calendar change isn’t going to make them disappear. Mud cloth, in particular, works really well with minimal interiors since it’s traditionally in a gray scale color scheme.

Additionally, our designers on a whole predict that brass and rose gold will stick around. Rose gold was one of the Pantone colors for 2016, so it hit a peak in the last couple months. LA-based Jennifer Wallenstein notes that clients are asking for brass fixtures more and more, but she predicts that instead of putting them in minimalistic interiors, we’ll see a swing to more industrial spaces. “Instead of seeing brass and gold with lots of white and in spaces that feel very modern-boho, I think we’re going to see it used in ways that feel a little grittier, in industrial settings along with materials like concrete and steel and with darker, moodier color palettes.”

When it came to a specific piece of furniture, a Homepolish favorite came up: the bar cart. Designers recognized the popularity of the furnishing and predicted it’s continuing prominence in the home. And you know what? It only makes sense. Let’s place some needed priority on what matters: wine.



Rolling in the Green: The Pantone Color of 2017

Speaking of Pantone, the company just released its color of the year for 2017: Greenery. Our designers are gladly rallying around it, and many were ahead of the curve. NY-based Justin DiPiero said that he’s already painted an accent wall in his apartment a lush shade of hunter green. Designer Michelle Gage even went so far to say that green may de-throne the ever prominent navy blue, saying, “A rich, strong green is going to replace navy as the new colored neutral. Much like navy, it can act as either the foundation or accent to a room. It’s gender-neutral and easy to mix into any space.” We’ll be seeing a lot of this bright, cheery hue, and we’ll most likely see darker versions of it as well. The one exception to this, however, is in the world of textiles. The prevalence of indigo in wallpapers (see this office) and linens (like this bedroom) is going to continue right into the new year.

Jennifer Wallenstein also notes that dark grays will probably enjoy a spike in popularity. Note, this is not the light, feathery grays of years past. Think raw and mineral-like to create a moody space.

But why are these rich colors coming forward now? Homepolish’s Taylor Edwards eloquently explains it, “As a whole, the concept of color in interior design is definitely starting to re-emerge in a broader way. Our tendency toward bright white spaces has left little room for much else in the blogosphere, but the over exposure of all-white has led us to embrace those beautiful jewel tones.” Sounds like our spaces are in for a touch of luxury.


As a whole, the concept of color in interior design is definitely starting to re-emerge in a broader way.


And speaking of green… Sustainable Design

There’s the color green, and then there’s green design. In 2017, we’ll see the importance of sustainable design continue to grow. As Taylor says, “The movement towards social, ethical, and sustainable design will ramp up in our industry in 2017. In the coming year, keep your eyes and ears out for sustainable practices and companies that give back to local communities, the welfare of the planet, and the people in it.”



Textures and Finishes: Concrete and Black Metal

Something that popped up with surprising frequency among our designers was concrete. (Our creative director is actually OBSESSED with it.) Taking the rustic, industrial edge to a new level, our team predicted that we’ll start seeing more concrete furnishings and finishes. As Justin DiPiero said, “We’re going to be seeing a lot more textured walls. And not just wallpapers like grasscloth or flocked coverings. I mean faux finishes and artisanal processes that make walls look like plaster or cement. Juxtaposed with the kind-of-eighties, minimal/brutalist furniture trend that’s been around for the past year, it makes a striking composition.” Out in LA, Jennifer Wallenstein is seeing it in furnishings already, with companies such as Concrete Cat and Fernando Mastrangelo rising in client popularity.

To pair with that brutalist concrete look, our designers predicted a continuing rise in matte black metal finishes. As Taylor Edwards notes, “Black metal will grow in popularity during the new year (move aside brass). However, I feel that mixing metals will be an exciting change in 2017. The past several years have encouraged sticking to one finish… whether it’s brass or rose gold. However, mixing your metals can actually make your space feel more timeless. Sticking to one metal will date your décor, while a mix of metals can elevate a space and transcend what is considered trendy.” We like the idea of this eclectic mix. After all, why choose when you can have it all?



Trends in Furniture: The New Traditionalist Look

Now for the big-ticket item, your furnishings. While many designers notes specific items (increased side tables, gallery shelves opposed to gallery walls, openness to using outdoor fabrics inside), there was a general consensus about the feel of furnishings for 2017. Following the lead of the richer color scheme, furniture is also going to move to those richer, more traditional forms. Justin explains this beautifully, looking at design as a reaction to broader global events. “I think the (design) pendulum is swinging back from really modern, minimalist, and almost brutalist designs to more traditional and familiar sensibilities. And when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. These are very uncertain times, and I think the plausible subconscious response to that is to design for a sense of stability. Going back to our roots or basics, if you will. Design always follows the collective zeitgeist.” With the exception of that brutalist concrete mentioned earlier, we can see a reemergence of velvet tufting, Louis-inspired shaped, and jewel tones. We’re calling this the “new traditionalist.”


I think the (design) pendulum is swinging back from really modern, minimalist, and almost brutalist designs to more traditional and familiar sensibilities.


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