Our Designer Renovates Her Parents’ Kitchen

Our Designer Renovates Her Parents’ Kitchen

Our Designer Renovates Her Parents’ Kitchen


Bonnie and Richard Tate


Three years after Homepolish's Shannon Tate became a designer, her parents signed her on for a special commission: to redesign their own Long Island kitchen. Tour along with her, and see the before & afters!

Photos by Claire Esparros.

I remember about 5 years ago, my mom called me up to tell me that she put a little money in my bank account, so I could go out and buy some old furniture to refurbish. She wanted to show me how much she believed in me as a designer. I had been questioning myself for months, called them in tears, called them rejoicing… the ups and downs and all overs we experience when we’re seeing if we have what it takes to make it out there in that big bad entrepreneurial world. And in that moment, some magic happened. Something in my heart just softened, and I suddenly felt like I had what it took… because my mom believed in me. I don’t think we ever outgrow that need to be seen by our parents. Funny how that works.


Another day, about 3 years later, she called me again and said, “Shannon, dad and I want to hire you to design our new kitchen, and we insist on paying you to make it official. We want you to have full control.” Now, anyone who knows my mother (strong like bull) and dad (artist must have a say) knows that the “full control” part wasn’t really true, but it was, nonetheless, still one of the most awesome and gratifying experiences I’ve had in my life as a designer thus far. They finally have their dream: a classic, timeless, light, and expansive kitchen.

Tour with me in the slideshow, and see the before & afters!


Shannon was able to guide us through all these hurtles and more with ease and grace. The depth of her experience as an interior designer, and her gentle, but firm hand as a project leader got us through the entire project in record time, and with brilliant result. The best part for us has been when we’ve had visitors come to the house for the first time since the renovation. Jaws drop…eyes bulge…and voices loudly exclaim…OMG…this looks amazing! We couldn’t agree more. It has enriched our whole lifestyle and made us grateful to have Shannon as a resource… not to mention, a daughter.

- Bonnie and Richard Tate, Homepolish clients
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