Our Best Bathrooms of All Time

Our Best Bathrooms of All Time

Our Best Bathrooms of All Time

We know what you like—and it's a perfectly stylish bathroom renovation. We've rounded up our most popular bathrooms. If this doesn't inspire you to remodel, we don't know what will.

Nothing feels fresher than a beautiful bathroom. The perfect powder room sets the tone for your whole day—who doesn’t want to get ready somewhere that’s as stylish as they hope to look? If you’re looking to build a better bathroom, we’re tapped into the best options. We’ve pulled together our most like bathrooms from Instagram. Let the inspiration wash over you and start thinking about how you want to redo your own loo.


Design by Katherine Carter, Photo by Amy Bartlam


Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Photo by Amy Bartlam

Architecture, Chicago, Chicagoland, Elmwood Park, Illinois, Restaurant, Retro, Travel, White, Color, Bathtub, Furniture, Shelf

Design by Carly Callahan, Photo by Dustin Halleck


Design by Michelle Zacks, Photo by Heidi’s Bridge


Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Bathtub, Furniture, White, Color, Sink, Sconce, Mirror

Design by Annouchka Engel, Photo by Julia Robbs


Design by Haley Weidenbaum, Photo by Tess Neustadt

Color, Blue, Light grey, Furniture, Pendant, Shower, Sink, Gold

Design by Beth Partyka and Meg Sullivan of Charlotte Williams Interiors, Photo by Dustin Halleck

Subway Tile, Features, White, Color, Bathtub, Furniture, Shelf

Design by Jae Joo, Photo by Julia Robbs


Design by Alice Cheng, Photo by Chad Mellon


Design by Pippa Lee, Photo by Sean Litchfield