Our Best Bathrooms of All Time

Our Best Bathrooms of All Time

Our Best Bathrooms of All Time

Tile and bathtubs and wallpaper, oh my! A bathroom renovation can feel like a revelation. Check out some of our all-time favorite bathrooms and get inspired.


While we wish we could pull a Marie Antoinette, soaking in a bathtub fit for a queen for hours and indulging in pastries and champagne, sometimes all have room for is a standup shower. But, we always make the best of what we have, especially when what we have is a small-but-stylish bathroom.

To make a small space feel fresh and luxurious, tile makes a fab foundation. There are countless types of bathroom tile–custom mosaics, slabs of marble, graphic subway tile, hand painted ceramic, and porcelain-meant-to-mimic-wood are only a few of our many favorites. Incorporating them into your space will bring a clean and collected vibe that will perk you up even you can’t hit snooze on your 6 A.M. alarm.

Once the groundwork/groutwork has been laid out, pay close attention to the hardware. Small as they may seem, these details have a huge impact on the aesthetic of a miniature space. Brass and gold fixtures are fitting for those who enjoy the finer things, while fashion-forward options like matte black feel refined and rebellious.


Function is foremost, but flair is not too far behind. As the place where you start your morning and end your day, the bathroom is an intensely personal part of your home. Whether you’d like to brighten up the early hours or simply show off, there are myriad ways to pretty up your powder room.

If you’re a renter, fear not. One option that involves zero hammers or grout is removable wallpaper. Homepolish designer Ariel Okin is a temporary wallpaper evangelist, having worked chic, bold temporary wallpaper into homes as a way to make a statement without losing the security deposit. Even homeowners can appreciate that temporary wallpaper gives you the freedom to switch it up. That said, if you own a space and are more steady in your ways, draw inspiration from the charming work found at designer Alec Holland’s New York City project.

Old adages about keeping prized possessions out of the bathroom should be mostly ignored. Artwork, photography, decorative objects and the like can spruce up your space. This Brooklyn renovation and bohemian Silver Lake home get creative, whether it be in the form of personalized tile work, paintings, or antique rugs.


We won’t lie, we fall in love with almost any extra-indulgent super-luxe bathroom we see. The appeal goes far beyond the extra space (although it is a welcome addition). Instead, we find the tactility of opulent, elegant materials that go into details like dark, rich marble walls or therapeutic Japanese bathtubs nothing short of irresistible. We can’t help it, we’re spa people.

If you happen to find yourself with such a space, first pat yourself on the back. Next, consider incorporating unexpected accents into your bathroom. Unexpected splashes of color, wooden bathtubs, and even dramatic lighting take your space into the showstopper stratosphere.

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