Our 17 Most Popular Tours of 2017

Our 17 Most Popular Tours of 2017

Our 17 Most Popular Tours of 2017

This year was a boon for stylish spaces—indulge in our most clicked, liked, and loved tours of the past year.

Say what you will about 2017, but when it comes to interiors, the design world was evolving.

Gone are the days of dusty, ancient rugs and dark, dim interiors—nowadays bright, airy, and artistic rule. Don’t believe us? Check out out top 17 tours of 2017 for inspiration. From influencers with incredibly chic homes to small spaces filled with clever tricks, there’s plenty you won’t be able to resist.

A Chill Apartment for Two DJs
Designer: Michelle Zacks
We paired up with Design Within Reach to create a dreamy, three story loft for uber-talented DJs Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis.

Modern Meets Bohemia in an East Hampton Home
Designer: Veronica Hamlet
As if a sprawling, gorgeous home in the Hamptons wasn’t good enough (we’d settle for a surf shack), Homepolish designer Veronica Hamlet modernized this old-school house with sleek surfaces and bold color choices to super stunning effect. Our Instagram community especially loved this space—a photo from the abode clocked in at a cool 39.8k. 

A Wino-Worthy Apartment for Matt Bellassai
Designer: Emma Beryl
Matt Bellassai, funnyman and host of the podcast “Unhappy Hour,” needed an apartment worthy of his outsized personality. Thankfully our designer Emma Beryl helped him create a modern, luxe, and lounge-like pad that pairs perfectly with any wine he wanted.

Going Contemporary in Greenwich Village
Designer: Jesse Turek
In the heart of New York’s concrete jungle, Homepolish designer Jesse Turek layered in color, plants, and pop art for this one-bedroom bachelor pad. After Jesse’s design, the client became a bachelor-no-more. Coincidence? We think not (and neither do the 28.8k Instagram users who liked this photo).

A Glamorous NY Studio for Deepica Mutyala
Designer: Amy Row
When it comes to beauty and YouTubing, Deepica Mutyala knows it all. But when it came to keeping a home, she opted to reach out to Homepolish designer Amy Row for a helping hand taking it from glum to glam.

Crafting a Family-Friendly, Boho Beach Haven in LA
Designer: Rosa Beltran
Homepolish designer Rosa Beltran wanted a young family of five to feel relaxed, stylish, and happy in their Spanish Colonial, so she opted for an easy-to-care-for eclectic design filled to the brim with Moorish and Moroccan accents.

Before & After: A Los Angeles Home Transformation
Designer: Caroline Wolf
Grasie Mercedes, actor and the founder of Style Me Grasie, and her husband Damien, a writer for Family Guy, are not new to a fast-paced lifestyle. But when the couple moved homes in Los Angeles, they decided the month-long time frame for a total home redesign might be better left to the pros—namely, Homepolish designer Caroline Wolf.

A Sunny Boerum Hill 1-Bedroom Apartment
Designer: Louisa Guy Roeder
Working at Homepolish HQ means endless inspiration—and occasionally the chance to collaborate it on making it come true. See the chic, ethereal results in our own VP of marketing Lisa Bubbers’ Boerum Hill apartment.

The Glamorous Hollywood Home of Marianna Hewitt
Designer: Talia Laconi
Blogger, YouTuber, and social media star Marianna Hewitt always looks great—and she needed her Hollywood home to match so she partnered with Homepolish designer Talia Laconi.

Tour Karlie Kloss’ Boss Office
Designer: Tina Rich
As far as we’re concerned, Karlie Kloss is basically superwoman. Not only is the supermodel of her generation, but she also is a real-life hero to young girls with hopes of entering the STEM field as the founder of Kode With Klossy. But having it all means that Karlie is busy. When she found her and her team in need of a bigger office space, she called in Homepolish designer Tina Rich to shape the space.

Our Designer’s Bright California Abode
Designer: Daniela Malca Benloulou
Everyone adores when a designer is their own client. It’s a chance for his or her style to run unchecked—and the results are always surprising. Daniela Malca Benloulou’s handiwork doesn’t disappoint, with bold tile and a clean backdrop mixed with glamorous pops of color.

A Suave and Sophisticated West Village Bachelor Pad
Designer: Nicole Watts
Homepolish designer Nicole Watts helped a young bachelor embrace his dark and moody side. Bold colors, luxurious fabric, and glossy finishes did just the trick.

Before and After: A Chic and Petite Parachute Editor’s Place
Designer: Candace Rein
Most people decampe from NYC for more space, but Parachute’s Director of Content Rebecca Prusinowski’s charming new Los Angeles casita was short on such. Homepolish designer Candace Rein’s relaxed, bohemian aesthetic made the best of the miniature floorplan.

Melanie’s Secrets to Curating Your Own Style
Designer: Melanie Burstin
Melanie Burstin is the ultimate cool girl—and she tried to teach us how. Everyone loved seeing inside her Silver Lake home infused with natural textures, mellow colors, and modern art.

A Cool, Minimal Brooklyn Master Bath
Designer: Pippa Lee
Brooklyn is known for pushing the boundaries, and this ultra-minimal Bed-Stuy master bath proves it. Homepolish designer Pippa Lee used contrasting colors, geometric patterns, and wooden surfaces to shape this stylish room.

A New Home for Homepolish Headquarters New York
Designer: Noa Santos
When Homepolish found that its office wasn’t able to hold the growing team, Co-Founder and CEO Noa Santos got his hands dirty and created an airy, open headquarters in New York City’s Flatiron district.

A Kaleidoscope-Colored Pad for Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley
Designer: Stefani Stein
Actresses and spouses Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley might don the typically drab prisoner garb on the Netflix hit show Orange Is the New Black, but their home, designed by Stefani Stein, is more reminiscent of the rainbow.