Orlando’s Obsessions: Woven Accents

Orlando’s Obsessions: Woven Accents

Orlando’s Obsessions: Woven Accents


The key to achieving balance and interest in any room is a variety of textures, and for our creative director Orlando Soria, cool woven accents are a personal favorite for adding warmth.

If you ask any designer the key to a well-rounded room, most will tell you that mixing textures and materials is essential to creating an interesting space. There are many materials to consider, from wood floors and wallpaper to mirrors and metallics, but one of my favorite textures to bring into a room is anything woven.

Woven elements can be integrated into many different types of furniture and décor pieces: poufs, chairs, lighting, throws, and (obviously) rugs. (Not to mention the multitude of decorative accents!) The most apparent application comes from the reinvigorated obsession with woven wall hangings, which bloggers and designers alike seem to love (and the rest of the world still seems to be scared of). Homepolish designers are no strangers to weaving woven elements (ha, see what I did there? WORD PLAY) into their designs. Follow along for some of my favorites!



Want to help create separation in a space without completely blocking it off? PUT A WEAVING ON IT! Homepolish’s Shelly Lynch-Sparks used this beautiful woven room divider, handmade by an artisan in Brooklyn, to create distinction between spaces at MNDFL New York while making sure the rooms didn’t feel too closed off. YOU GO, SHELLY.



Got a huge wallpapered wall and want to create a focal point? This is where a weaving can come in handy. The New York office of Flo & Frank, created by our designer Justin DiPiero, got a splash of warmth with this gorgeous wall hanging. Even with the heavily textured pattern from the wallpaper, the weaving fits in beautifully.



Woven action isn’t limited to only wall accents and artistic pieces. I love a woven rattan chair like this one, also in the Flo & Frank offices. Can we also take a moment for that color blocked wall? It’s a breath of fresh air. Or mint. It’s a breath of fresh mint.



For this San Francisco bedroom, Homepolish designer Carisse Lynelle used an adorable hanging chair to create a magical reading nook. The bedroom was designed as a birthday gift for an 8 year old girl. If I could trade places with any eight year old (like Freaky Friday style), I’d def choose her so I could live in that sweet room and just curl up on that swinging chair with allllll my stuffed animals.



One of my favorite projects of all time was designing a treehouse for two of the most adorable children on earth. I used an outdoor-friendly woven Acapulco chair to add some movement (and comfort) to the space. Can you say fanciest treehouse EVER?



But woven chairs aren’t just for kids! Homepolish’s Haley Weidenbaum used this super sophisticated leather version for her LA client’s cozy living room. It adds automatic interest to the room, contrasting against the minimalist sectional.



Woven pieces are especially at home near the beach. For a home I designed in San Clemenete, I layered a vintage woven chair with a sisal rug. Caution: if you’re layering woven items on top of a woven rug, make sure the tone and texture of each are different enough to create contrast between the two.



When I was finished designing my living room, I looked around and realized something was missing. So I added two woven chairs to bring in some warmth. Previously, I had two grey chairs there and the whole room felt cold. But the color and texture of these woven chairs added much-needed character. They have so much character that I spend my afternoons gabbing with them. KIDDING! (Or am I?)

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