Orlando’s Obsessions: Wild for Wallpaper

Orlando’s Obsessions: Wild for Wallpaper

Orlando’s Obsessions: Wild for Wallpaper


Our creative director Orlando Soria can barely name all the reasons he loves wallpaper. Check out some of his favorite patterned Homepolish projects.

Wallpaper has a particularly important place in my heart for a several reasons. First, it’s a way to instantly add color, texture, and visual interest to a room. Second, it provides a different surface material to work with in a room. (And we know the key to a gorgeous space is mixing a variety of materials until you’ve achieved true balance.) The third and final reason I love wallpaper is that I very rarely get to use it because it’s hard to convince clients to spring for the extra cost, time, and labor.

A few things to know before you get into wallpapering your whole house (which you should do, btw… like the whole thing. I am totally NOT being sarcastic) are…
A) You can’t do it yourself, unless you’re some sort of genius handyman/woman
B) Installation is time-consuming and should be done by a well-vetted installer (ideally recommended by your Homepolish designer
C) Removing it is not impossible. However, it is costly, so you should be pretty confident that you’ll want to keep it for at least three years for it to be worth the time and effort that goes into choosing and installing it.



One of the most foolproof types of wallpaper, with the most universal appeal and the widest range of use, is grasscloth. It’s textured without being crazy, atmospheric without being cheesy, and warm without looking dirty. Grasscloth is (most of the time) made from actual woven fibers, so it has natural look that emulates fabric. If you’re scared of wallpaper (which you shouldn’t be), grasscloth may be perfect for you.



Florals are a bold statement. But for the right room (and the right AMAZING person, in this case Rebecca Taylor) florals tell the world how insanely cool you are. You’re bold, you’re outrageous, you’re floral. So if you dare to boldly be yourself, dare to cover your walls in flowers.



This gorgeously playful graphic wallpaper brings this bar some levity without destroying its sophisticated, uber-chic look. It was custom designed for the Anomaly offices in New York by Homepolish’s Maryana Grinshpun. But hey, just because it was used in an office doesn’t mean you can’t snag it for a residential look.



When you think of wallpaper, the first term that comes to mind probably isn’t masculine. But this super sexy bedroom in a Boston condo by Homepolish’s Sonja Haviland benefits greatly from a gray denim wallpaper. I’m practically swooning over here.



I can hear you, screaming at your computer, THERE’S NO WALLPAPER IN THAT PICTURE! But you’re wrong. For my client’s beach house, I framed some lovely wallpaper as a quick and easy art solution on a budget. This is something that EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW: If you love wallpaper but are too scared to install it (or are renting) you can always buy a bit and frame it. That way you have some wallpaper drama without the pain of actually having to install it (or the commitment). I mean, do you SEE this? It practically looks like a mural triptych!



When you have gorgeous wallpaper, you don’t need to worry as much about art. See how this corner in the Flo & Frank office needed only a little weaving above the sofa? Wallpaper acts as a natural draw to the eye, so the room doesn’t need much more in terms of accessories and art.



Don’t you just love this gorgeous, bold wallpaper? JUST KIDDING, IT’S PAINT. I wanted to show this to you to teach you something very important. If you’re too scared to wallpaper in your own home, you can always try paint techniques that imitate the look and style of wallpaper. I’ve done it a few times and it can be pretty time consuming, but having pattern on your wall is way worth it.