Orlando’s Obsessions: White & Bright Kitchens

Orlando’s Obsessions: White & Bright Kitchens

Orlando’s Obsessions: White & Bright Kitchens


In a new weekly series, our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria is off his leash to talk about his design obsessions. First up, white kitchens. Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best answer.

One of my favorite things about working at Homepolish is getting to interact with our designers. Each of them have a unique skill set and their talents extend far beyond being amazing interior designers. We have visual artists, yoga gurus, singers, and product designers in our ranks. Each of their talents brings a freshness, a unique flavor to their interior design work. To highlight their talents, we’ve decided to start a series featuring some of my favorite projects in the Homepolish portfolio. Since I tend to be obsessive about my design likes and dislikes, we’re calling this column “Orlando’s Obsession.”

This all-in-one bright kitchen by Erin Kane of Homepolish LA is so dreamy that if I lived in this house I'd just sleep in there. The earthy ceramic tile brings in some texture, while the gleaming walls and cabinetry provide the perfect backdrop for the deliberately placed countertop accessories.

This week, we’re checking out a few of my favorite white and bright kitchen projects. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, a white kitchen. How groundbreaking.” But strangely, a lot of people seem to forget the beauty and grace of a simple, white kitchen. I’ve long been a proponent of going simple with wall and surface color in favor of bringing in color and texture with objects and accents. I think this is because I’m an avid art-lover and object-hoarder. I don’t want anything to compete with the lovely things I find at the flea market or the art I commission my crazy artist friends to make.

Adding distinctive lighting is another way of preventing your bright kitchen from turning into snoozeville. I installed these Moroccan-inspired pendants over the center island in my clients' Southern California kitchen.

As you’ll see, there are many ways to make an all-white kitchen interesting. This starts with the addition of earthy materials, like marble or handmade tile, and ends with countertop accessories that bring in color, age, and texture. Click through the gallery for some ideas, inspiration, and pics of white kitchens that will literally BLOW YOUR MIND.

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