Orlando’s Obsessions: Statement Chairs!

Orlando’s Obsessions: Statement Chairs!

Orlando’s Obsessions: Statement Chairs!


Orlando Soria


Our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria is back this week to rave about statement chairs, or as he calls them "the flamenco dancers of the interior design world."

You know, people always ask me, “Wow, Orlando! You look great! Do you have a personal stylist who does your hair and makeup and chooses your clothes?” And I’m like “No, all this comes naturally to me. I’m amazing.” Just kidding. No one has ever asked me that, and most of the time people wonder why I walk around in public dressed like the gross bird lady from Mary Poppins. What does this have to do with today’s topic of conversation? Literally nothing. But sometimes it’s good to add accents and pops of flavor to your life. That way, there will always be an element of surprise, of freshness about you. And that brings me (albeit in a majorly roundabout way) to what we’re really here to talk about today. So get out your dancing jeggings and put on that glitter tube top. Today we’re gonna talk about the Flamenco dancer of the interior design world: THE ACCENT CHAIR.


You’re probably like “WHUT’S AN ACCENT CHAIR.” And girl, so am I. So let’s just make a little definition for ourselves. An accent chair is a chair that is a little more sculptural, more of a statement than other chairs in the room that might be there just for comfort, to be part of the general palette of the space. Interior design is very much about yin and yang, figuring where to be loud and where to be subtle. Accent chairs are that loud moment, that piece of furniture your guests are meant to notice and be like “OH MY GOD! WHERE’D YOU GET THAT CHAIR?” And then you’ll be like “It was the last one. Sorry, you can’t have it. THERE ARE NO MORE.” Cue evil laugh. You can’t have a room full of accents chairs (because that would just be chaos), but adding one or two definitely makes a space more interesting. And if you have any doubts, check out the Le Corbusier lounger I am literally writing from now. It is my favorite. It’s got all the right curves in all the right places. So come with me, as I explore the amazing, erotic world of accent chairs.


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