Orlando’s Obsessions: Sculptural Lighting

Orlando’s Obsessions: Sculptural Lighting

Orlando’s Obsessions: Sculptural Lighting


Orlando Soria, West Coast Creative Director of Homepolish


Light up your life! At least that's what creative director Orlando Soria wants you to do. And you should listen to him because these lights are to die for!

It’s no secret amongst my friends and colleagues that I’m obsessed with geometric, sculptural lighting. Lighting clearly has a practical nature to it… we need to be able to see so we don’t smash into walls, ruining our fresh rhinoplasties. But just because lights are mainly meant to illuminate our spaces doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful statement pieces that draw your eyes upward to the ceiling. After all, why should the floor get to have all the fun? The ceiling is just sitting up there, being all bored and feeling all lonely. IT’S NOT FAIR, YOU GUYS.


Recently, a friend of mine was like “You can’t use any of those Park Studio thin-frame chandeliers again. You’ve used them too much.” And I basically just looked at him like he was insane. Like how could I possibly use too many gorgeous, artistic, one-of-a-kind chandeliers? When I die, I hope I’m surrounded by beautiful, sculptural lighting. That way, I’ll know I’ve made it. Like, go towards the light, specifically the beautiful light emanating from a divine pendant or chandelier or sculptural floor lamp!


In the gallery, I’ve found some of my favorite Homepolish lighting moments, featuring lighting that dares to be different. Lighting that is practically sculpture.

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