Orlando’s Obsessions: Round Mirrors

Orlando’s Obsessions: Round Mirrors

Orlando’s Obsessions: Round Mirrors


Our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria is obsessed with a lot of things, but none so much as beautiful and cool round mirrors. Check out some of his favorites that pop up in Homepolish projects.

I have been obsessed with many things in my time. Overalls, cheesecake, Tilda Swinton, dental floss, WRITING IN ALL CAPS. But there’s something else that REALLY gets me going. If you haven’t guessed what my true obsession is, I’m going to have to ask you to leave, because it’s written in the title of this post. That’s right. I’m obsessed with round mirrors.

When I was a baby, my mom took me directly from my crib and placed me inside a round mirror and left me there for six years. The round mirror and I got really close. After a while I came up with a name for Round Mirror. I called her Mama. This isn’t just a passing obsession for me. It’s a true, familial love that will never die. So now that we’ve established that my love for round mirrors has caused me to lose all sense of actual reality, let’s take a little stroll through round mirror land.



I’ve said it many a time… CIRCLE MIRRORS LOVE LIVING OVER BENCHES. They provide a place to quickly check there’s no ice cream on your face before you head out the door in the morning (pro tip: using ice cream instead of milk with your cereal makes everything way more delicious).



It’s a well-known scientific fact that mirrors can act as a window in rooms with insufficient light. This den that I created for Whitney Port gets a bright punch in the face with an adorable circular mirror. Plus, it provides visual contrast to the rectangular frames on the gallery wall.



Got an awkward space between two windows? PUT A MIRROR ON IT. ‘Specially if it’s round. Similar to the rectangular frames in Whitney Port’s room, it provides visual contrast to the shape of the windows. Homepolish designer Justin DiPiero got on board with that idea in this incredible Brooklyn loft space. And you know what? Hanging it by that leather strap only heightens the industrial vibe.



Sometimes a mirror can live on his own and sometimes he needs a boyfriend. This Palos Verdes bathroom is one of those situations where two mirrors were better than one. When a tricky layout in a small bathroom made it impossible to put sinks anywhere but in front of the windows, Jordan Shields of Homepolish LA used some cute little round mirrors to let in light while providing the perfect place to get ready.



My personal living room in LA has a very tall chimney wall, so I knew I had to do something to engage the whole space. In came Round Mirror to save the day with his cute little soft shape to offset the room’s harsh lines. I added a DIY rope cord to heighten the look, which draws people’s eyes up toward the ceiling. This is important, because otherwise, everyone would forget how high my ceiling is and I wouldn’t be able to brag.



Round mirrors are a bit more versatile than rectangular ones and look great above a console table. A great way to tie them in with your table scape is to add a lamp that intersects with them and brings the eye up to the beautiful mirror from the tabletop, as Homepolish’s Kristen Montero did in this Pasadena home.



You might say “HEY THERE’S NO MIRROR IN THAT LA HOME!” But you see that little guy hiding on the left? GOTCHA! He snuck in there. A mirror need not be large and in charge to be a spherical MIRACLE. Small accent mirrors are a great tabletop accessory and add reflection and visual interest. And you thought they were only for vanities in the bathroom!

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