Orlando’s Obsessions: Pedestal Side Tables

Orlando’s Obsessions: Pedestal Side Tables

Orlando’s Obsessions: Pedestal Side Tables


We don't like to put any piece of furniture on a pedestal, but when it comes to pedestal side tables, it's hard not to. Our creative director Orlando Soria tells us why he's #obsessed with this 2017 design trend.

My mother always used to tell me, “Don’t put other people on a pedestal. You’re just as great as anyone else.” But she never said anything about putting drinks or stacks of books on a pedestal, which is why I’m obsessed with pedestal side tables! Today we’re talking about these sculptural, lovely pieces of furniture that can add va-voom to any room.

So what’s so great about pedestal side tables, you ask? Well, firstly they’re a great way to add something sculptural to a space. If you have a room that’s filled with rectangles, a pedestal side table can be a great way of adding some roundness (or vice versa, for that matter). Pedestal side tables are normally made from a molded material (concrete, ceramic, etc.) or carved from wood, so their construction is usually simpler than typical side tables and thus their price point tends to be a bit more accessible. Additionally, pedestal side tables are normally pretty mobile, so you can move them around based on how you’re using the room. Finally, and most importantly, pedestal side tables are a way to add something graphic to your décor plan. So let’s get to ogling some side tables!



Side tables come in all shapes and sizes. For me, the more interesting the better. I love these accordion side tables and the movement and shape they bring to this beachy living room. In a home where neutrals and natural materials reign, it makes perfect sense, but the shape adds some wow factor.



My own home in Los Angeles (aka ORCONDO) is FILLED with pedestal side tables. Usually when I have parties it’s just me and a bunch of pedestal side tables laughing about how popular we are but then realizing we’re all alone. But I’m ok with this because side tables will NEVER LEAVE YOU.



Side tables can be both simple AND sophisticated. You can see in this SoHo apartment that two glamorous marble tops add pizzaz. The tables probably make the clients’ guests think they come from money. And they probably just laugh, throw their heads back, and offer them a glass of boxed wine. Because they spent all their monies on marble pedestal side tables.



Simple side tables also look great in bedrooms. For this beach house, I used these blocky concrete side tables to bring in another material and make the room feel more sophisticated and glamorous. And you know what?! Even concrete can be glamorous if done right. It’s not just for walking on!



Don’t you just wanna sit in that chair, drinking a cup of fresh, relaxing chamomile tea with lemon and stare at that bed all day long? If so, thank goodness for that cute little side table where you can daintily set your tea. It provides a break from the vertical lines of the drapery AND it’s the perfect place to put a vase full of HUGE branches. Personally, I want to spend every waking moment in this Hollywood Hills home, sitting next to that table. And that’s not creepy at all.



And who says that pedestal side tables have to be limited to residential projects? They can run free EVERYWHERE! The stump side table is a gorgeous classic. This one in the Soludos office in NY got a little update with a dip-paint job and now she’s running all over town telling everyone how rich she is.



See how this graphic, white, practically gem-like side table perfectly balances with all the thin lines in the rest of this meditation studio? A typical side table with legs would have added a few too many lines to this busy legscape, so adding something solid gives the eye a bit of a rest. It’s a perfect balance of leggy and not-leggy, because you just can’t have all legs.

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