Orlando’s Obsessions: Grand Dining Tables

Orlando’s Obsessions: Grand Dining Tables

Orlando’s Obsessions: Grand Dining Tables


There is nothing our creative director Orlando Soria loves more than a dinner party, so it only follows that he's #obsessed with dining tables. Be our guest and take a serving of his design advice.

Dinner at home with friends is one of my very favorite things on earth. I just love the intimacy, the laughter, and not having to compete to get a table in an excruciatingly loud restaurant where I can’t hear anything and spend the whole dinner just nodding and smiling so it looks like I know what is going on. For this reason, the first place I look in a home tour is the dining room. I just love an inviting dining room with a big table that seats at least 8. Because I’ve decided 8 is the perfect number.

Unlike a living or bedroom, a dining room doesn’t have to be relaxing and quiet. You don’t sleep in there (or at least, hopefully you don’t! And if your guests are, you might need some hosting help), so a dining room can stand for some drama. Maybe put in a bold wallpaper or a chandelier that screams LOOK AT ME! It’s a place in the home you can feel free to go bold.

Today, the object of my obsession is large-scale dining tables. Obviously, these won’t work for everyone. The ideal dining table is the one that matches the scale of your home. However, if your home does have the space for a large dining table, I say go for it. There’s nothing more luxurious than a large dining table to gather all your friends. Or you can just sit solo with a large pizza to yourself. EITHER WAY, YOU WIN!



I don’t know what to start screaming about first… the modern, geometric dining table or that amazing painterly wallpaper. This dining room is bright and happy, and the complexity of the wallpaper is well-balanced against the simplicity of the furniture. Leave it to Homepolish’s Tali Roth to make a plain room into an artistic statement in this New York apartment.


This dining room is the best combo of bright and textured. San Francisco designer Carisse Lynelle kept the wall color bright and simple but piled on color with the rug, art, and accessories. At first glance, it seems like a lot of wood, but upon further inspection, you’ll notice a huge variety in materials: woven seats, lacquered console, fur throw, brass, AND wood. THIS LITERALLY ROOM HAS IT ALL.

Photo by Amy Bartlam

This dining room by LA’s Katherine Carter knows a thing or two about balance. If you look solely at the lower portion of the image, you’d see a stark, minimal dining room. But the clever addition of the butterfly wallpaper on the ceiling changes the whole game and makes this a dining room guests will be chatting about throughout the dinner party.


People love open floorplans. Until they have to figure out where to furniture. (Yes, I just made furniture a verb.) I love this dining room in Helena Price’s apartment because it shows that with a perfectly placed rug you can have your grand dining room AND your spacious living area. RUGS ARE IMPORTANT!


But you don’t ALWAYS need a rug. A common question I get from clients is “do I need a rug in my dining room?” I don’t believe in an steadfast rule about dining room rugs. My general thought is that rugs should be used in areas where the dining space needs some definition and warmth. In spaces like this where there is clearly a dining nook and the aesthetic is modern and minimal, you can get away without a rug.

Halleck14 (Home polish's conflicted copy 2015-08-17)

I love the drama of this smokey, sexy dining room in this Chicago home. The intricate, medium-hue wallpaper and the richly colored wainscoting make for a moody space while the bright white credenza and light rug make sure the room doesn’t get too serious.


Another great tip for grounding a dining table is centering lighting directly above it. The lighting will give the space a sense of permanence and intention (as well as perfectly illuminating your face with warm light while you dine). Can’t you imagine staring across this table in a swanky New York apartment into the eyes of your loved one by dimmed lighting?


Sometimes, one small addition can completely transform a dining room from MEH to MARRY ME. The painting is the real winner in this New York bachelor pad, although it gets a lot of help from the chandelier whose lines reflect its angular language.


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