Orlando’s Obsessions: Accent Stools

Orlando’s Obsessions: Accent Stools

Orlando’s Obsessions: Accent Stools


Stools are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture, so it's no wonder our creative director Orlando Soria loves them so much.

Designing a well-balanced room depends on finding the perfect piece for the each spot. This means choosing the correct scale of sofa, the right sized rug, an appropriately proportioned chandelier… you get the gist. But there’s one type of furniture that can squeeze in practically anywhere: stools. Because of their small stature, they are extremely versatile. Which is why I love them. They’re perfect for that awkward space you don’t know what to do with. They’re also perfect for adding a casual accent to a formal space.

Like me, stools are humble, trustworthy, and you can always look to them for support. For popular people, they provide extra seating room when too many friends show up unannounced. Design-wise, they are often a great way to break up the rectangular monotony of a room, as many stools are round or have distinctive geometry. Sometimes you gotta break up that clean-lined look with something visually distinctive. See what I mean below.


Another classic in the canon of traditional stools is the “X bench,” which can work with a number of different home styles, from Cape Cod Traditional to Contemporary (like this beach house I designed). It’s as if “X” marks the spot where you can park yourself and enjoy a piña colada while looking out that awesome view and daydream about stools. Because that’s totally normal.

Have a plant and nowhere to put it? Stools also make great plant stands. This corner before: awkward, empty, alone. This corner after: happy, fulfilled, gorgeous. And don’t you want all the corners in your home to be happy?


Want a bench at the end of the bed but don’t have the space for it? Try a small tripod bench! The perfect place to sit and tie your shoes before you head out into the world, ready to stop at nothing to get what you deserve! The stool is literally like “You GO, Glenn Coco.” And I agree with it.


I love a stools-next-to-the-coffee-table moment. This not only helps when the scale of a coffee table is a little small for the space, it also provides a perfect perch for your friends to sit on while they enjoy delicious appetizers at your next party. (Also, see how these guys complete the conversation circle? BRILLIANT.)


This accent stool is kind of the stool to end all stools. I found it while shopping at the flea market with Kelly Oxford, and we almost had to fight someone for it. AND I WOULD HAVE DONE IT. Let this be a lesson to all of us that a good stool is worth fighting for.


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