A Couple’s First Apartment

A Couple’s First Apartment

A Couple’s First Apartment


Shef and Libby


Moving in together is hard. See what Libby and Shef kept, tossed and bought for their first shared apartment.

What happens when Upper East Side prep and California cool meet, fall in love and move in together? Design magic, that’s what. Though seemingly incompatible, two different design aesthetics can actually play well together (with a little creativity and a clear design plan, of course).

Case in point: Shef and Libby, who recently relocated to NYC (after dating long-distance for over a year), moved into a charming one-bedroom in Chelsea. Problem was, they weren’t sure how to fuse their differing design tastes. That’s where Homepolish designer, Margaret, stepped in.

Libby is drawn to color and stripes, while Shef opts for a more industrial vibe with nautical accents. Margaret helped them blend subtle Americana and antique items, like a nineteenth-century forest-green trunk they found upstate, doubling as both storage and a unique coffee table. The final touch? A beautifully-curated gallery wall above the couch, which represents both partners’ lives through framed art and mementos. Our personal favorites were the hand-drawn scenes of Shef’s hometown, San Francisco—a special gift from Libby.

Also featured on Refinery29 in“Moving In Together? How To Decorate Without Going Crazy.”.


Margaret knew exactly what we wanted, even when we couldn’t quite verbalize it.

- Client Testimonial


The folks at Homepolish know what they’re doing. Whether it’s a total renovation or culling the perfect finishing touches, they work by the hour to create a balanced space that just works.