One Part House Party, One Part Respite

One Part House Party, One Part Respite

One Part House Party, One Part Respite


Michael Cohen, nightlife guru


As a mainstay of the New York nightlife scene, Michael Cohen comes alive after the sun sets. So when it came to his apartment, Homepolish brought a polished look for entertaining but a relaxing vibe for recuperating.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

If you’ve found yourself dancing under the gilded ceiling of SoHo’s Gold Bar or diving into Phoenix Bar on the Lower East Side, chances are you’ve run into Michael Cohen, though you may not have realized it. With a knack for attracting New York’s glittering and glamorous “in” crowd, Cohen is what most would call a “creature of the night,” or as he calls it a “nightlife guru.” He comes to life after sunset, and he makes sure the city comes to life with him.


So it only makes sense that a character of this sort would need a worthy crash pad. Homepolish CEO and founder Noa Santos partnered with designer Logan Inman to tag team a 1-bedroom apartment in TriBeCa. Like a good cocktail, it had to be balanced. One part relaxing escape from the crazy city, and one part polished entertainment space for Michael’s persons of interest.


To satisfy the latter, the common area became a living room complete with the pops of glamour to draw the eye. A plain black-shaded lamp is held aloft by a golden heron. Modern abstract artworks from young up-and-coming artists line the walls. And a fully-stocked bar? Well, that’s a given. Michael’s bedroom, on the other hand, brings that cozy feel necessary for daytime crashing. A large bed decorated with furs sits below a wood-paneled wall. Just draw the black-out curtains to block out the sun til the next party.


Logan and I worked together to make sure the space reflected Michael’s sophisticated tastes without losing his chill vibe.

- Noa Santos, Homepolish CEO and founder
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