Olivia Culpo’s Perfectly Polished Hollywood Loft

Olivia Culpo’s Perfectly Polished Hollywood Loft

Olivia Culpo’s Perfectly Polished Hollywood Loft


Designer Orlando Soria, with furnishings and décor from Hayneedle, brings a touch of East Coast prep and polish to Olivia Culpo’s industrial, Hollywood loft.

Photos by Zeke Ruelas.

As an actress who spends her day job channeling other people, Olivia Culpo was craving a space to come home to that felt distinctively her. Fortunately, the Rhode Island native had designer Orlando Soria and Hayneedle (her exclusive décor provider) in her corner to help thread femininity, polish, and a little East Coast prep into her first grown-up home.

“Orlando was able to create a beautiful vibe using the bones of my Old Hollywood-style loft apartment, and really turn it into a something I feel reflects me,” Olivia shares.

While loft-like spaces afford rooms plenty of natural light, they aren’t always the most approachable. To introduce some warmth and elegance into the condo, Orlando replaced some of the clunkier, rustic lighting with more elegant fixtures. He also established a soft, sophisticated palette in mostly greys and ivories.

“I’m a big fan of mixing masculine and feminine design elements in a space,” Orlando says. “In Olivia’s condo, we combined light colors (traditionally seen as feminine) with strong geometry (traditionally seen as masculine) to create a space that felt neither too childish or too industrial.”

By preserving the character of the industrial condo—yet softening it to make it more feminine and inviting—Orlando was able to strike the perfect balance and capture Olivia’s signature style.

“Olivia is a classic girl,” Orlando explains. “She’s got that East Coast, preppy vibe about her, so the minute we started chatting, I immediately was envisioning some sort of interior from a Nancy Meyers movie.”

And as any Nancy Meyers fan knows, mimicking her movie sets mean creating a kitchen that wows. Orlando re-envisioned Olivia’s high-contrast kitchen—complete with a black island and chrome hardware—as a more luminous space for the actress to unwind or host friends. To do so, he softened the room by painting the island a faint grey and incorporating striking brass pendants from Hayneedle.

“I love to entertain, so I love the way the kitchen turned out,” Olivia shares. “Orlando designed it so people can crowd around that space, and I can be in the kitchen whipping up pizza and different snacks, and of course, topping off the champagne.”

Orlando applied this clean, bright, modern aesthetic to the rest of condo. In lieu of using bold color and patterns to add visual interest, Orlando embraced different textiles and materials.

“Olivia loves anything soft and fluffy, so I tried to add a lot of knits and plush fabrics to make it as cozy as possible,” Orlando says.

To balance the warmth achieved using textured throws, faux-fur rugs, and tufted poufs, he added sheen through brass lighting, hardware, and accessories. He also sprinkled in pieces meaningful to Olivia to add an even more personalization to the space.

“Olivia is a pretty sentimental person, so she had so many objects she’s collected over time from her childhood in Rhode Island,” Orlando says. “My favorite was her beautiful cello. It’s a beautiful object and was so fun to incorporate into the decor.”

These sentimental touches, along with the larger-scale changes, solidified Olivia’s condo as somewhere she’d actually look forward to coming home to after work or travel.

“Before the remodel, I almost felt like my home in Rhode Island was actually home and this was just a place I stay when I am on the West Coast,” Olivia explains. “Now, when I come home after a long shoot day, I am able to really relax and recharge in the space.”

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