Offices We Wished We Worked In

Offices We Wished We Worked In

Offices We Wished We Worked In


Take a look at a roundup of eight beautiful, Homepolish-designed offices. By the end, you'll be questioning why you don't work at one of these gorgeous spots.

Does the work week find you in a fluorescent-lit, gray cubicle space, wishing to escape as soon as the 5 o’clock bell chimes? Well, we can’t make time fly by faster, but we can help you escape to these gorgeous, Homepolish-designed offices… even if it’s in your imagination.



Man Repeller

If you’ve ever read Man Repeller or follow founder Leandra Medine on Instagram, you’d understand why the fashion blog’s headquarters are the chicest offices this side of the West Side Highway. With copper chairs as thrones (fit for an Instagram Influeuncer queen) and cheeky illustrations of NYC hangouts by Knowlita, this editorial office space oozes cool girl ease. Over-dyed rugs, woven baskets for storage, and a few Mongolian lamb fur throws thrown in for good measure complete the space and mimic Medine’s “over the top in the best way possible” style. Where can we find a job application?




We already loved Ellevest for its empowering mission to be a trusted investment platform for female entrepreneurs (yay!), but once we saw their gorgeous NYC office, we really realized how much we’d like to work there. It looks like the set of The Intern IRL, people. Gorgeous brass furniture mixed with abstract art and floor-to-ceiling windows has us drooling for something, anything better than the ubiquitous grey cubicles of New York City. (Except at the Homepolish HQ. We’re cool here, duh.) We particularly love the wallpaper in a main conference room, designed by Ellevest’s own VP of Design. It features the company’s mission emblazoned in gold foil, swathed with natural light from gigantic windows. Hello, dream job!



Rebecca Taylor

If gorgeous muted pinks, custom painted graphic midcentury modern pastel floors, expertly styled inspiration gallery walls, and white peonies aren’t your thing… well, girl, bye. Just kidding, we love all shapes and sizes of design styles here at Homepolish. With that being said, the feminine yet bold design of fashion designer Rebecca Taylor’s new Garment District offices is frankly breathtaking. And don’t even get us started on the Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper! Le sigh.



Bond Street

Much like our feelings about Ellevest, we love small-business lender Bond Street because it helps small businesses (like TheSkimm!) become big names. Besides the mutual startup love for each other, we also love the Bond Street office because of its insanely charming exposed brick walls, white-washed collaboration tables, copper chairs (can you tell we love copper?), and pattern on pattern vibes. The sophisticated tribal wallpaper mixed with an airy, sexy Moroccan rug is almost too much to handle. (Almost.) We definitely wouldn’t mind an early morning meeting in their conference rooms.




What do you get when you combine hot pink plexiglass, banana leaf motifs, gorgeous Moroccan rugs with neon accents, and prints by Drawbertson? Perfection, that’s what. Otherwise known as TwelveNYC’s DUMBO offices, this product development agency takes merchandising to an entirely new level with their bright, cheerful and contemporary workspace. With a gunmetal sputnik chandelier and marble tulip table, any workday birthday party is bound to be epic. Can we come celebrate?



Pluck PR

Walking into Pluck PR’s Boston office, we would forgive you if you sat down in front of the book-lined fireplace and made yourself at home on the large sofa. Why? Because this office nearly feels like somebody’s house. A small conference room with ghost chairs feels like a dining nook where you can gab with your friends. The executive office sports a desk hoisted by two gilded ram’s heads. And what’s that we spy in the corner? Oh, yes. You can find us by the mini bar.




And speaking of enjoying a little nip at work a la Don Draper in Mad Men, we can’t help but include the Roofstock office in Oakland. In the main office areas, elements such as exposed hickory wood cladding and weather brick give an industrial warmth, but we’re really all about those white shelves in the conference room. They hide a moody speakeasy. Hope they’re keeping a drink cold for us.




Taking a note from Homepolish’s own office design, the qLabs co-working space by Quotidian Ventures adorned its main work area with giant glittering chandeliers, making every visitor simply stop in their tracks. On an edgier note, chalk drawings by artist Casey John from company logos to a mural of the New York “Traitorous Eight” make us want to simply sit on the tufted couches and stare at the artistry all day. When companies outgrow the co-working space, they must cry.

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