Casey DeBois’s Home Office

Casey DeBois’s Home Office

Casey DeBois’s Home Office


Casey DeBois, Homepolish Designer


This is where the magic happens! Our designer Casey DeBois's home office is a perfect reflection of her organized, colorful and well-styled personality.

When working from home, it’s crucial to distinguish your professional and personal space. Homepolish designer Casey needed to establish a beautiful yet functional space in her new apartment where she could work to make her clients’ spaces beautiful too.

Her light-filled Financial District home was a blank canvas waiting to be decorated. At the center of every office is a good desk, and Casey chose a simple, white Ikea piece, perfect for drafting design plans and comparing paint swatches. Because it doesn’t have storage space, she opted for a clean white cabinet with wicker baskets to house her supplies. “It’s easy to get messy when your office is in your own home, so it’s important to have organization systems to stow away things you don’t want guests or clients to see,” Casey said. She also added a couch to the room so she has a comfy place to take a call, meet with a client or cuddle with her pup Tuck. “Playful accessories help to get you through the day and keep things fun and light,” Casey said. So she accented the room with a mini piñata, fresh flowers and knick knacks like a giant golden peanut. And when it comes to the walls, Casey swears by the notion that everything looks better in a white frame. Framing wallpaper samples, fabric swatches and your most cherished greeting cards is a great way to add personal touches to a room without spending a lot of money.

To create the most productive space for you, you’ve got to feel within your element. Infusing personality and style into your office will get the creative juices flowing. Whether you work from home all the time or just need a quiet corner to answer emails, Casey’s space is an inspiring place to start.

Also featured on Refinery29 in “How To Snag Your Dream Home Office On A Dime.”


The folks at Homepolish know what they’re doing. Whether it’s a total renovation or culling the perfect finishing touches, they work by the hour to create a balanced space that just works.

- Casey DeBois


Playful accessories help to get you through a day of hard work and keep things fun and light.

- Client Testimonial