Nursery Décor for the Grown Ups

Nursery Décor for the Grown Ups

Nursery Décor for the Grown Ups


A nursery is just as much your new room as it is your baby's room. After all, you'll be spending a lot of time there too. Take some tips on the most comfortable couches, plushest rugs, and sweetest color palettes for you and your little one from Homepolish's Angela Belt.

Today, nursery rooms don’t have to be cookie-cutter spaces with matching linens and perfectly coordinated furniture sets to look good. A nursery is just as much your new room as it is the baby’s room, since you’ll be spending your days (and let’s be honest, evenings) in that area of the home. See below for my tips on the essential elements of designing a sophisticated, though still fun, nursery.



Working with Minimal Square Footage

There are so many reasons to splurge when it comes to decorating your nursery space, but one of the biggest reasons is that a nursery doesn’t need a lot of square footage to make a WOW impact. Let’s face it… most nurseries are designed in the smallest rooms in people’s homes because all you need are three staple pieces: a crib, dresser, and rocker. Everything else is icing on the cake. Your new little bundle of joy will not know or remember whether or not you had a rug, a wall story, or any of those great accoutrements that bring an entire room together. But you know who will remember? You! (But only bits and pieces of it, because you will be, parentally speaking, sleep deprived for the rest of your life.)


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The Cribz

The crib is one of the must-have items in your nursery (even though your baby may not even sleep in it for the first three months). If aesthetics matter to you (which I know they do… that’s why you’re reading the Homepolish mag), choose a crib with a small frame and a neutral color that will work well with other elements in the room. It’s not a coincidence that white and grey cribs are constantly a part of jaw-droppingly gorgeous nurseries. These colors will allow other accessories in the room to stand out like the rug, rocking chair, and finishes.



The Seating Options

To me, seating is the most crucial thing in the nursery. You will be sitting and sleeping in this rocker/daybed/armchair for at least the next two years, so please (for your sanity’s sake) make sure you purchase something that’s comfortable. The most common purchases are traditional rocking chairs with an updated look or the upholstered swivel gliders. Though these are the two most popular seating options, there are other choices out there. A small-scale sleeper sofa or daybed is a great option for your nursery, if the size of your room permits it. From a comfort standpoint, having a small-scale bed is going to be ten times more refreshing when you need to wake up every two hours versus a chair (no matter how well it’s stuffed). When it comes to your seating, think outside the box.



The Rug Underfoot

A lot of times when it comes to nursery décor, the area rug is the pop of color in the room. The rug can also be the piece that ties all the design elements together with texture or pattern. It’s important to find an area rug that will fit your space, while also being easy to clean. Stains are going to be a part of your day to day from here on out. I often recommend 100% cotton rugs due to their durability and ability to be cleaned easily. These types of rugs are usually a flatweave and have a low carpet pile (you may want to purchase a thicker rug pad to go underneath for those hours of pacing and holding your newborn). Flatweave, low-pile rugs are also an inexpensive option in the marketplace.


Choosing a Color Palette

The colors that you choose for your nursery will set the tone of the room. You will notice that some of the coolest nurseries being photographed today have a simple color palette. One of the tried and true looks that works again and again is the black-and-white nursery. These spaces are gender-neutral, and the calming color palette helps support the baby’s development. Plus, in a black and white space, you will have less difficulty finding runaway toys and accessories.



Tell a Wall Story

One of the best ways to add personality to your nursery is through the wall story. Creating a wall story that is big and bold (or let’s be honest, a motivational quote to keep you running) will bring an essential focal point in your nursery. When hanging a wall story in a nursery, be sure to look for picture frames with tempered glass or plexi instead of standard glass, in case it falls. Make sure not to cut any corners in the hanging process. Get the right anchors and use duck mounting putty to help secure the artwork once it’s hung up on the wall.



Finish off with Comfort pieces

Lastly, splurge on pieces in your nursery that are going to make you smile throughout the day. What baby doesn’t need a Moroccan pouf or adorable mobile? And you know that pouf will come in handy for putting up your feet. Get a throw blanket with extra soft wool, so you feel rewarded at the end of a hard day. Remember you have earned these indulges. You’re a new parent! Congratulations! Now, get to work.

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