New Ways to Decorate Your Walls

New Ways to Decorate Your Walls

New Ways to Decorate Your Walls


If your walls could talk... they'd say give us some LIFE! Homepolish's Lindsay Saccullo gives us 5 innovative ways to spruce up those vertical spaces.

Are you sick of sitting in your home and staring at your (boring) old walls? Well, you know what? It’s time to take some action and breathe some life into (or onto?) them. Whether you’re in an apartment that feels more like a shoebox, or a ginormous mansion, walls need our love and attention. After all, they are EVERYWHERE in the house.

Besides the obvious (paint and art), there are so many fun options out there. Take a risk. I assure you, you’ll be glad you did. Read on for five ideas from the Homepolish archives to get your creative juices flowing!



1. Oldskool Wallpaper

It’s classic, colorful, and elegant (if used in the right way). We have nothin’ but love for the good ol’ classics. Now you might be scared to go “granny.” But before you put your fine china in storage until the end of time and start collecting cats and broaches, check out this uniquely gorgeous pied-à-terre by Homepolish’s Louisa Guy Roeder. The lush wallpaper is only an accent, juxtaposed with midcentury modern touches, modern photography, and mixed natural textures. Et voila! A room that appeals not only to granny but your neighborhood hipster friends.



2. Motifs

Do you have a hobby or something you love? It can serve as the perfect inspo as a motif for your walls! Done in a tasteful way, a stenciled or painted motif can bring just the eclectic touch you are looking for, without taking the surface area of wallpaper. Check out this beautifully sophisticated tonal San Francisco living room by Homepolish premier designer Orlando Soria. It’s no secret that the seagulls on the wall are the main focal point, acting as whimsical wall art for this otherwise muted, serene set up. (Plus, you can make your own at Pixersize.)



3. Tile

We often think of tile just for the floors, but what about your walls? Does your kitchen or bath need a facelift or just a little pop of color? Take a chance with a beautiful Moroccan-style backsplash like Homepolish designer Becky Shea did in this Brooklyn kitchen. A little can go a long way. Opt for only the backsplash or an accent wall, and you’ll instantly inject personality into your otherwise run-of-the-mill space.



4. Wall Hangings

And not just your average college dorm tapestry either. At first glance, this gorgeous constellation feature wall looks like someone got a lil’ cray with the chalkboard and studied a little too hard for their astronomy test. But at a closer look, it is actually a fabric wall hanging from Restoration Hardware. What a fun and unexpected touch for this New York nursery by Homepolish’s Matthew Cane! This room is especially successful because of the neutral colors and backdrop. Of course, you can tapestry your heart out in whatever colors you’d like. No one’s stopping you!



5. Stikwood

Stikwood is all the rage right now, and we definitely don’t hate it. In fact, we’re totally on board since it’s an easy way to infuse any space with that rustic, industrial edge. Use it as an accent wall as Homepolish founder Noa Santos did in a NYC bachelor pad. If you’re going whole hog with a room of Stikwood, it’ll get a cabin- or spa-like vibe, which can be good for bathrooms. Not only does it give depth and dimension to a space, but the nod to nature creates a warm and cozy cocoon to spoon in. (Or to power-spoon ice cream into your mouth while watching the season finale of Scandal.)


So go crazy on your walls! Add in some pizzazz! You don’t have to stick to contemporary white. And if you need help, call up a Homepolish designer.

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