Movers and Makers: Downtown LA

Movers and Makers: Downtown LA

Movers and Makers: Downtown LA


Artisans and Creatives in LA


Homepolish designer and contributing editor Julia Haney Montanez takes us around the Downtown LA Arts District to the studios of five emerging artisans to see the process behind their craft.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

As a designer, I have come to understand design as more than just a singular space or product, but as a reflection of the greater community from which it originates. With this in mind, I am constantly on the hunt for the most exciting clusters of creatives in the country. About three years ago, I started hearing more and more about the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles as an emerging hub for furniture designers. Having briefly lived in LA and crediting the city for directing my life into a creative career, I wanted to learn more about these designers and support the city that supported me.

There’s a sketchy reputation that surrounds the Arts District, which scares off many of LA’s inhabitants but makes it the perfect place for young designers to get enormous live/work spaces and keep their overhead low. Having immersed myself with Brooklyn independent design which famously launched the industrial chic look, it’s interesting to see a new design scene rooted in Hollywood glamour and the remains of the Art Deco age that defined the city.

Click through the gallery to tour with me through the studios of five of the amazing creatives in DTLA.

In this tour: