Modern Glamour in San Francisco

Modern Glamour in San Francisco

Modern Glamour in San Francisco

Designer Rosanna Bassford helps a family balance modern and traditional in their bold, pattern-filled San Francisco abode.

Photos by Helynn Ospina

Tell us a little bit about your clients. Why did they come to Homepolish?
They are a family of four—the husband and wife and a toddler and an infant. They just purchased the home and so we were starting from almost scratch—no furniture except for a couple of pieces, including the glass table in the living room which I thought worked really well in the space. They wanted a family-friendly space, so we made choices like white performance fabric for the sofa.

How would you describe the style of this space? How would you describe your client’s style?
They liked modern, but not too modern, and some glam. I’d say the house is on the traditional side, and so it was a balance of bringing in the modern and glam elements while keeping true to the home’s architecture, like the living room fireplace and the ornate staircase.

The outdoor space here is fantastic. Can you walk us through the design?
For the outdoors, we wanted to go pretty neutral since there is a lot of color indoors. So I stuck to a strictly black and white/cream palette with some pale grays and wood. There is a lot of temptation to introduce color outdoors because it is bright and happy and a lot of outdoor items are made that way, but being strict about the color palette unifies the whole space (the dining and seating areas), makes it feel calm, and allows the environment to have more focus. They had great leafy trees in the backyard. And who doesn’t want that firepit?

Also, mixing prints is very doable when you have a tight color palette. I also like the texture that the woven chairs and metal armchair bring in to a neutral space. Overall, it’s very neutral but feels very layered. It’s modern and updated, but not cold, which is my goal for every space.

We love the modern femininity of the living room. How did this design come together?
In the living room they wanted glam and hotel-like, but I really also wanted to keep the “shine” pared back so it wouldn’t be too jarring with the home’s traditional architecture (the fireplace, stairs, etc). Having one accent chair in blush and gold plus a couple of small brass accents (mirror, lamps, sofa legs) mixed with the zebra-like print on the ottomans and that minimalist glass table worked well. Adding hints of black around the room unifies the space and feels very glamorous too.

I don’t typically use pink in my designs but the client really liked the idea, especially this accent chair. I tend to design unisex spaces, so it was all about maintaining a balance to not go overly feminine. The chair’s slimmer profile and angles make it a little less feminine.

You went boldly blue in the dining room. What was the inspiration there?
The dining room has a great window but it actually doesn’t get a lot of natural light because of direction and trees. Adding some rich color was a good way to make a statement, since the bones of the room were pretty standard. Also there were odd cabinets on one wall that we didn’t want to call attention to with the paint they blend in. Considering the bold wall color, we went pretty simple with a Mid-Century modern inspired table and chairs and changed out the previous rustic light fixture. Now it’s a great space to look at when you walk in the front door and pass through to the kitchen area. It draws you in.

What’s your favorite part of this redesign?
I really love the outdoor patio. It went from a plain empty deck that my clients weren’t sure how to use to an outdoor entertaining space that I certainly want to hang out in all day!

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