Mix It up with Matte Black Metals

Mix It up with Matte Black Metals

Mix It up with Matte Black Metals

Restore outdated hardware, replace existing accessories, and add some flare to your home with matte black metals. This finish is one of our designer picks for 2017.

The Homepolish design team was spot on when they predicted matte black metals would be a home design hit in their 2017 trend predictions. It’s showing up left and right, ceiling to floor, sink to table. Don’t get us wrong… we love a good stainless steel or rose gold finish, but we go crazy for design elements that are daring, bold, and that truly stand out among other features. Do yourself a favor and read on for more about how you can create one seriously sophisticated space with matte black metals.



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Designers these days are looking to push boundaries and create original interiors and exteriors unlike anything else. The willingness to play around with new and (dare we say) ballsy trends is an ode to their creative mind. Adding matte black metal hardware to a powder room or switching out doors or kitchen cabinets to black oak is empowering and projects a striking sense of design confidence. The color black, especially in a matte finish, can transform and electrify a room. Place it against a marble countertop, gold-trimmed mirror, or concrete, and you’ll find yourself wanting to incorporate matte black in every room. It doesn’t have to be loud. Oftentimes we’ve seen the most simple, discrete forms of this finish, whether it’s a bathroom accessory or ceramic coffee mugs in a kitchen. Small doses go a long way. Try out matte black on hardware, finishes on bathtubs, shower and sink fixtures, or more daring spaces such as countertops, flooring (hello, cerused oak!), and paint finishes.



Mix it Up

This 2017 design craze has made its way most predominantly into kitchens and bathrooms (but of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore your options in the bedroom and living areas). Once a common space for shiny white finishes and brightly patterned backsplashes (and we still love our Moroccan tilework), the kitchen has become a favorite for exploring the use of matte black. Everything from sleek stained shelving, hardwood floors, crown molding, and countertop accessories, there is no denying that matte black embodies modern, dark glamour. Same goes for the bathroom. New home buyers, renovators, stagers, and interior designers are finding ways to dramatize this room using the cool finish. Oh, and a tip of advice, if you’re looking to make a quick switch on a small scale, focus on accessorizing. Change outdated hardware such as curtain rods, door knobs, and shelving, just as premiere designer Orlando Soria did in these all-white bathrooms.


The rise of matte black metals has captivated the eyes of designers and homeowners, bringing a new flare and adoration for interior experimentation, particularly due to its stark contrast from the alternative bright colors. Take a leap, go for it, we know you won’t be disappointed.

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