A Lesson in Beautiful Bathrooms

A Lesson in Beautiful Bathrooms

A Lesson in Beautiful Bathrooms


Miki, Radio Producer


This bathroom went from 0 to 100 real quick. Previously tiled in blue/greens and adorned with some pretty useless cabinetry , it's now officially the most beautiful bathroom we've ever seen. Hallelujah interior design!

Photographs by Sammy Goh.

Interior design in the bathroom is often passed over because clients want to (understandably) upgrade their bedroom or entertaining areas first. So, when Miki contacted us to bring her bathroom up to par we were super excited. The possibilities are endless! New tile, new shower curtain, new color schemes, new tub?! Miki and her matched designer Sandie revamped all of it. Everything. Previously covered in blue and green tiles with an old low tub and cabinetry that was on the verge of falling apart, Sandie echoed the pre-war building’s traditional details with brass hardware and black and white tiling. One of Sandie’s favorite design ideas was to paint the window frame from white to black, drawing the eyes up and balancing out the black floor tiles.

Flip through the slideshow to see the space and read more of Sandie’s design tips.

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