Midcentury Warmth for a Boston Condo

Midcentury Warmth for a Boston Condo

Midcentury Warmth for a Boston Condo


An engineer


Engineers may have a calculating and mathematical profession, but that doesn't mean their living spaces should be cold. Homepolish's Caroline Hughes brought warmth and comfort to a Boston condo.

Photos by Joyelle West.

Nowadays, the idea that work follows you home is all too common. We have office tasks and emails that await us at our residential workspaces at all hours. But that doesn’t mean that your home has to be a reflection of your professional life. The doctor who works all hours of the night at a sterile hospital need not have a clinical, fluorescent-lit home (thank goodness). And elementary school teachers aren’t expected to paint their homes in primary colors. However, for a bachelor engineer, his Dorchester (a suburb right outside of Boston) condo was simply too close to his job. Working as an engineer, his Boston condo felt like his workspace… dark, cold, and industrial.

It took him 9 years to realize that he could change that. Hiring Homepolish’s Caroline Hughes, the entire space went through a complete overhaul. At the bare bones, the home was made up of steel, concrete, and glass. A great blank slate, but hardly a finishing point. Caroline knew right away that she wanted to incorporate walnut wood tones, soft leather, and woven fabrics to introduce much-needed color and texture to the space.

In the process, the duo discovered the client’s penchant for midcentury modern design (which thrilled Caroline). Little by little, they replaced every single piece of furniture, except for one swivel chair which was spared. The asymmetrical coffee table and media cabinet with paper cord look like they’ve been pulled right from the sets of Mad Men. You could even say that his taste in art is reminiscent of Roger Sterling’s. That classic look never goes out of style.


Caroline was a pleasure to work with and made this project a lot of fun. She really nailed the look I was hoping for. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to remake their space.

- Homepolish client
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