Merging California Styles in a LA Home

Merging California Styles in a LA Home

Merging California Styles in a LA Home


Elizabeth Jackson-Rietz and Jon Rietz


When a family moved from the Napa wine country down to Los Angeles, they never realized how different NoCal was from SoCal. Homepolish's Kelly Martin helped them adjust to their new hometown.

Photos by Oriana Koren.

People not from California may not be privy to this information, but Northern California and Southern California are two very different places. From the culture to the cuisine and even the language (NoCal: hella; SoCal: duuuuude), the two areas might as well be two different states. (Honestly, California IS big enough to warrant that.) Naturally, the interiors tend to be different as well. Elizabeth Jackson-Rietz and Jon Rietz discovered this for themselves when they recently moved from Napa down to modern Los Angeles. Their rustic, vintage pieces (many of which were family heirlooms) suddenly felt out of place, and they needed to figure out how to adjust to their new city.

Luckily, Homepolish’s Kelly Martin is well-versed in adjusting to a new locale. Originally from Pennsylvania and having stints in Boston and New York, she has embraced LA with open arms. And she helped the family do the same. They started in the dining room, arguably the center of family life. She brought in a modern take on the farmhouse-style table to ground the space and surrounded it with midcentury modern rosewood chairs and captain chairs for the heads.


For the mix of vintage (and to give the space more character), pieces from the family’s old home were integrated. Artwork includes watercolors and prints from all over the world, most notably a large watercolor by an artist from Los Altos, which hung in Jon’s grandparents’ home until they passed away. In a corner of the room, a handmade bar crafted by Jon himself from a reclaimed cider barrel. He works in the wine industry… guess that makes for another NoCal throwback.

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