Meeting in the Middle in NY

Meeting in the Middle in NY

Meeting in the Middle in NY


Nicole and Ronan H., founder and CEO of Cienne and hotel launcher


Nicole and Ronan hail from California and Ireland, making frequent trips to South America and Africa. Homepolish's Ashlie Mastony set up the couple's global hub in the middle of it all: New York.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

It’s often said that New York is the melting pot of the world. But when people spout off this phrase, they’re usually referring to the multitude of cultures, languages, and peoples that populate the metropolis. Not one couple. But when it comes to the case of Nicole and Ronan, they are that veritable melting pot. She’s originally from California, and he hails from Ireland. They met in the geographical middle: New York City. She makes frequent trips to Africa, scouting out sustainable and beautiful fabrics for her newly launched designer label Cienne. He travels to South America for business as a hotelier, recently launching the Izt’ana Belize. They came to Homepolish a mere four weeks before their wedding, asking designer Ashlie Mastony to marry their styles.

When Ashlie first came in, the living space was fragmented. End walls were painted in mismatched colors, and furnishings awkwardly divided the space. For Ashlie, it was a straight-forward commission: “We had to consider practical ways to unify the space and pull everything together.” While using some of the go-to American distributors such as West Elm and Crate & Barrel, the details are what make the space unique to the newlyweds. Fabrics from Ethiopia. Graphic Indonesian textiles. Wood-block prints from Guatemala. A Finnish table by way of Saarinen. It’s as if they have the whole world… in a 1-bedroom in Chelsea.


In terms of living, we wanted a space that is chic but comfortable, modern but not too minimal, elegant but not stuffy, and something that married a California/New York vibe.

- Nicole H., Homepolish client