Maximizing Space with California Closets

Maximizing Space with California Closets

Maximizing Space with California Closets


Julia Haney Montanez, Homepolish designer

It's no secret that New York apartments are sometimes difficult to maneuver, what with tiny rooms and minimal storage, but with the help of California Closets, Homepolish's Julia Haney Montanez transformed her space into a walk-in dream.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

We all know New York apartment living is the definition of “you win some you lose some,” so when I moved into my cute Chelsea studio I thought “JACKPOT!” The closet alone is practically the same size as my old apartment! That said, it was a big, cavernous 14-foot-long empty space that just ended up being a station for clothing racks and plastic drawers. Not to mention, since it’s the only storage in the entire apartment, I had to figure out how to squeeze in my vacuum, suitcases, laundry hamper… you get it. It looked like a yard sale in there, and I had to army crawl around on the floor to find anything.


So I finally gave in and got in touch with California Closets about helping me design the perfect space that would not only be functional but also pretty (priorities!). I was a little nervous at first… I was worried that the possibilities of finishes and design would be endless, and that I would be looking at a big fat bill at the end. Not to mention, someone would be coming in and seeing my mess. To my relief, it was a very easy process, and fun, too!

Stacy Skolsky from California Closets came over. In only an hour, she had the measurements up on her computer, and she designed a detailed 3-D rendering of what my closet would look like. I had some requests and a point of view: I wanted it to be symmetrical; I wanted a vanity area for a mirror, makeup, and other girly things; and since I had high ceilings, I wanted as much vertical space so I could cram crap where it wouldn’t be seen. I wanted to live my fantasy of walking into a boutique shop every morning, a place where I could see everything I own and grab and go without having the usual before-work nervous breakdown.


The design and build-out went off without a hitch in a matter of weeks, and the finished closet is a dream come true. I was able to house every thing in there, along with books, collections, and even old taxes. Best of all, everything looked clean and open. My favorite part was sourcing accessories for the vanity from some of my favorite local designers: wallpaper from Calico to give it some personality, and a gorgeous mirror by VOLK. Finish it off with some custom cut marble and a custom Home Depot rug, and my look was complete.

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