Maximizing a Minimalist-Sized Studio in NYC

Maximizing a Minimalist-Sized Studio in NYC

Maximizing a Minimalist-Sized Studio in NYC


Stacie Brockman


Stacie Brockman, co-founder of Métier Creative, wanted her art-filled studio to feel modern and cozy—and not overwhelming. Thankfully, Homepolish designer Michelle Zacks was up to the task, and turned a clean slate in Tribeca into a bright, airy, and functional hideaway.

Photos by Lindsay Brown

When you think of a downtown New York City studio apartment, curated, airy, and clean might not be the first descriptors that come to mind—yet Homepolish designer Michelle Zacks took on the task of creating a beautifully open and bright studio home for client Stacie Brockman. The results will make you rethink small space.

The goal of this Tribeca studio redesign was to infuse cool, ethereal colors and interesting textures into the space while still maintaining the chic air Stacie, a former Manager Editor of The Coveteur who has since co-founded her own advertising agency, Métier Creative, which touts clients such as OUAI and Dior, effortlessly exudes. To do this, Michelle and Stacie collaborated, trading ideas in order to ensure that the end result was just as edgy, irreverent, feminine, and modern as Stacie.

Sounds tricky. Michelle’s plan: “The goal was to bring a sense of warmth and personality, while still pairing everything against an airy, white background.”

“She knew exactly the vibe I wanted, and just how to pinpoint pieces worth investing in, versus saving on,” says Stacie. “I wanted my apartment to feel like Laurel Canyon-meets-Tribeca, but not too bohemian.”

Stacie already has an eye for design, so collaborating was a breeze for the pair. This space was decor-only—no architectural alterations—but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some big choices to be made. One bold pick: using graphic, palm print temporary wallpaper behind the bed. The cheerful design add the touch of color and texture that Stacie wanted without overwhelming the space, plus it visually separates the bedroom from the living area.

As someone who has based a career on having an innate aesthetic sense, Stacie’s amassed a bit of an art collection. She knew she wanted to feature her incredible assortment of prints, photography, and objects in a bold way. “I think the gallery wall really speaks to Stacie’s personality and who she is—a mash-up of girly, edgy, irreverent, playful, and cool,” Michelle said. “The varied scale and tounge-in-cheek subjects draw you in—while the content shows off even more of Stacie’s IT girl bona fides: many of the works were created by her ad agency.

But all that style still had to fit in a tiny space—and Michelle had to ensure the studio was comfortable and functional for Stacie and her super-cute pup, Ollie. Michelle blended storage with eye-candy by dividing the sleeping and living space with a shelving unit outfitted with almost-impossible-to-kill succulents. Bonus: the ample plant life gives the city space a breath of fresh air. For a layered and luxe vibe, the pair piled on warm, natural fabrics like nubby woven linens, a Moroccan rug, and ample throw pillows both of the faux fur and dyed varieties to provide plenty of inviting places to get comfortable. “This project is a true testament to the idea that a high level of design doesn’t need to break the bank,” Michelle said.

View additional photos and sourcing in the gallery below and read more about the makeover on Domino.

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