Marianna Hewitt’s Luxe, Ladylike Abode

Marianna Hewitt’s Luxe, Ladylike Abode

Marianna Hewitt’s Luxe, Ladylike Abode


Designer Katherine Carter transforms a blank slate into a feminine, airy, blush-toned retreat for lifestyle blogger Marianna Hewitt.

Photos by Lauren Pressey

Marianna Hewitt’s lifestyle blog Life With Me is thoughtful, well-edited, and aesthetically pleasing, so it’s no surprise that her Los Angeles home also fits that description. The influencer enlisted the help of Homepolish designer Katherine Carter to establish a space that’s luxe and elegant, but done in a refreshingly modern way. And because many of Marianna’s existing pieces didn’t translate well into her new space, achieving this sensibility meant essentially starting from scratch. Luckily for Katherine, the challenge of a blank slate made the project even more enticing.

“If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, you know the best way to get past that is to just start writing and the rest will flow,” Katherine shares. “It’s the same with designing a blank canvas. Just start with anything, whether it be a piece of art you love or a rug or sofa, and build off of that one piece, and it will all look fabulous and come together.”

Because Marianna is an avid entertainer, it was important to make the sofa the focal point of the living room—a place where friends can get cozy with a glass of wine in hand. To revive Marianna’s existing couch, Katherine selected a crisp white upholstery what ties into the color scheme of the home’s bright whites, blush tones, and pastels. From there, she layered on feminine accessories that reflect her client’s personal taste.

“I think it’s important when designing a space to use objects and art with dimension,” she explains. “It adds a lot of personality and feel to the space.”

Some of the most noteworthy accessories include the blush-toned pillows dotting the sofa, the curated shelves above Marianna’s brass desk, and Katherine’s personal favorite: the oversized, chunky weave art by artist Meghan Bogden Shimek.

It was also important to Marianna that her space be open, bright, and cohesive. Katherine helped create a better flow by repositioning the couch so that it better fits the layout of the space. She also advised Marianna on the key to creating a warm, inviting space.

“You should only hang positive, happy art,” Katherine says. “From a Feng Shui perspective, you should avoid hanging any mirrors unless they reflect a beautiful view from the outdoors.”

With this advice in mind, she adorned the walls with feminine, colorful, and fashion-forward artwork that is not only happy, but also happen to perfectly reflect the lady of the house.

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